Call for art: Outlaw Identities (June 2019)

Photo credit: Pexels

The Preslar Gallery at Estancia Serenova, in the woods near Saint Helens, Oregon, will again host the second annual LGBTQ+ Pride and History Month art exhibit and associated events during the month of June (Saturday, June 1 through Sunday, June 30, 2019).

This year’s theme, “Outlaw Identities,” is in response to this past year’s events in politics and in our local communities, in particular, the present U.S. government’s attempts at invalidating and erasing the non-cisheteronormative human existences, an increase in censorship by corporate social media giants, and the resurgence of violent hate crimes in Portland. The theme of this exhibit aims at exploring various ways in which members of the LGBTQ+ communities assert their rights to self-determination, express their personal power, and survive in the contemporary social climate.

All 2D medium are welcome for this show, subject to our artists’ guidelines (our gallery is located inside a multipurpose event center, so keep that in mind). This call to artists is open to all LGBTQAINP+-identified artists in Oregon and Washington.

Deadline for submission: Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Your submission should include a minimum of 5 images (photographs or scans) of your recent work and an artist’s statement (250 to 750 words), as well as a link to your art website (or something like DeviantArt, Instagram, Flickr, etc.).

There is no jury fee, but there will be an administrative fee for selected artists only to recover some of the expenses related to the show.

To submit, send an email.