Metamorphosis: What’s next for the Preslar Gallery

Estancia Serenova has been the founding home of the Preslar Gallery since 2018. Now it is shapeshifting into a new form.

Earlier, I made an announcement regarding the closure of the Preslar Gallery effective June 30, 2019. Due to the lack of eligible and qualified entries for the previously scheduled LGBTQ+ Pride Month community exhibit, I am officially ending the Preslar Gallery’s operations in its present form effective Saturday, May 31, 2019 instead.

Having this said, I have revisited the original mission and purposes of the gallery and reassessed how the gallery had fulfilled them during the last one-and-a-quarter years. Despite all the good intentions, it has fallen far short of its goals.

The format of an art gallery located inside a remote retreat center that wasn’t always open to the public posed practical problems. In addition, in spite of several attempts, nothing seemed to have offered sufficient incentives for visitors to come see the artworks.

Taking lessons from all these experiences, I am today announcing the metamorphosis of the Preslar Gallery.

On Saturday, June 1, the Preslar Gallery will reestablish itself as the Preslar Art Initiatives (PAI).

The PAI will continue its mission of promoting the emerging fine art talents of the Pacific Northwest and supporting the entrepreneurial approach to art, in honor of its namesake’s (the late Floy Preslar) legacy.

There will be, initially, two components to the work of PAI:

  1. A quarterly, digital art magazine featuring visual arts, as well as artist interviews and papers on the topics related to art as social practice.
  2. A virtual art gallery on Second Life and/or OSgrid.

The magazine will be published as follows:

  • Autumn 2019 (release late September): “Metamorphosis”
  • Winter 2019 (release late December): “Reignition”
  • Spring 2020 (release late March): “Truth, Beauty, and Goodness”
  • Summer 2020 (release late June): “Play and Innocence”

If you are interested in participating in any of the upcoming issues, contact me by email.

The Second Annual Queer Art Party in the Woods

Bring your own art supplies, musical instruments, etc. We will also have a space where you can display and/or sell your artwork, craft, zines, and so on.

This will be a low-key, open-ended event.

This year, I will be asking for a suggested donation of $10 to $20 per person (no one is turned away for the lack of funds). Bring your own tent and any necessary camping gear. If you’d rather prefer an indoor accommodation, it will be available at a standard price from the retreat center.

To sign up for the art party:

(If, for some reason, you cannot use Eventbrite, please email me.)

Summer pop-up exhibits

These pop-up exhibits will be considered special events on an ad hoc basis, and their schedules may be modified.

The Preslar Art Initiatives

Formerly the Preslar Gallery.

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