The Preslar Gallery announces the 2019 season line-up

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The 2019 season exhibitions schedule

Here is the draft schedule for the 2019 season so far.

  • February 2–24: April Mitchell
  • March 2–31: Elizabeth Massa-MacLeod
  • April 6–28: Sara Davis
  • May 4–28: Hito
  • June 1–30: Second annual Diversity & Pride exhibit (This event combines last year’s June and July events to focus on the intersections of identity, queerness, and ethnic diversity.)
  • July 6–28: TBD
  • August 3–25: TBD
  • September 7–29: TBD
  • October 5-November 3: TBD (Most likely on the Spirit of Halloweentown related theme.)
  • November 9-December 15: TBD
  • Month not yet formally assigned: Kayla Hunnicut

This year, we will be on a monthly exhibit schedule between February and September, and autumn shows will be on a six-week schedule.

If you have exhibited here before and would like to return to the Preslar Gallery this year, you are more than welcome to do so.

Please note: The above schedule is provisional. Due to the nature of the Alice Tarbell Cultural Space as a multipurpose event venue, our programming may be preempted for conferences, weddings, or other private events. If this were to happen, I will know at least 60 days in advance and an announcement will be made accordingly.

Big changes to this year’s arts programming ahead

Based on the lessons learned from the previous season, and to better align the gallery and arts programming to the core mission of Limeadestand Works, the Preslar Gallery is now an integral part of the Limeadestand ArtWorks programs, with emphasis on delivering quality learning experiences and on supporting emerging artists to become entrepreneurial working artists.

While the monthly exhibitions will remain an important part of Limeadestand Works’ commitment to celebrating emerging artistic talents, a greater emphasis will be given to educational programs and networking events.

We encourage artists who will be exhibiting at the Preslar Gallery to offer art classes or other educational experiences for visitors. Since many people travel a long way to see the shows, it would only be fair to them that they will have something more to do than just looking at paintings for five minutes and leave.

Artists are free to collect fees for their workshops and set their own prices.

If you need any assistance or inspiration regarding this, let Willow know as soon as possible.

The gallery will continue to operate under the Preslar Gallery banner at least until the end of this season.

Curator-in-training program to begin this year

As part of Limeadestand ArtWorks’ commitment to emerging artists and expanding artist career opportunities, we will be offering a quarterly curator-in-training program.

In this program, a trainee will volunteer as a curatorial assistant for two months experiencing a variety of tasks related to the operation of a small art gallery, and for the third month, will be invited to plan and curate a mini-exhibit in our “gallery within a gallery.”

Additional training will also be provided.

More details will be announced in the spring of this year.

Ways to support the Preslar Gallery

You can be a Friend of the Preslar Gallery by becoming a contributing supporter of the gallery. (Note: The Preslar Gallery is not a non-profit entity, and is not soliciting a charitable donation. Rather, we are inviting community members to take an active part in the development of a Northwest Oregon art scene by defraying some of the expenses related to the operation of this gallery.)

  • Sponsor a First Saturday reception by bringing refreshment. As a First Saturday sponsor, you will be entitled to a table to display or vend. The First Saturday sponsors will also be mentioned (with a hyperlink to your web site or social media profile) in our promotional materials.
  • Organize a carpool between the gallery and Portland. Due to our location and recent decisions by Columbia County Rider Transportation (CC Rider) to end weekend services, many people will no longer be able to visit us on First Saturdays.
  • Tell your friends about this gallery.
  • Contribute LTC to LTDvfPAp6YWtScwg16ZFrg7k6N8z5RiL7V (Use Changelly to convert BTC, ETH, etc. to LTC or to use your MasterCard).