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Computing Marketplace on Testnet and Decentralized Infura Use Case

Hey Fluencers,

🎪 Computing Marketplace on Testnet

We are excited to announce the launch of Computing Marketplace and fault tolerant deployments on our private testnet. If you are using the latest Fluence CLI, your deployments are rolled out to ad-hoc subnetworks formed from marketplace nodes. You can edit and configure Aqua to manage subnetworks operating workflows and implement failover, load balancing, consensus or other algorithms you need for your app backend.

The testnet is private: community nodes are not yet participating in the marketplace. As we move towards delivery of verifiable proofs of compute, the testnet will be open for any compute providers.

Deployments now require testnet payment to nodes. Get started here to receive testnet tokens from faucet, test it out and provide feedback!

🦎 fRPC and “Decentralized Infura”

We’ve prepared an example app for decentralized blockchain data access. Centralization of blockchain node endpoints is concerning for Web 3 as most of dApps and wallets depend on a single RPC provider such as Infura/Alchemy. Fluence’s fRPC enables decentralized resolver across RPC providers with load balancing, request rotation, quorum on results, and full customization with the power of Aqua.

fRPC is designed fully on the Fluence stack and can be used with any dApps right away. It currently supports only EVM chains but could be easily expanded to other L1/L2 with your contribution.

Follow this tutorial to deploy fRPC for your dApp.

🏔 ETHDenver hackathon and Buidl week

ETHDenver was huge! Over the course of two weeks, Fluence Labs organized the Decentralized Networks Summit with Filmine, Gensyn, Lit Protocol, Spheron, and Streamr. We

hosted several developer workshops, spoke at the ETHDenver main event, Filecoin hacker base, participated on multiple panels, and rewarded hackathon teams who built amazing products on Fluence. We had a lot of traffic at our booth, and we were quickly cleaned out of all 500 items of our awesome Fluence swag.

Check out the BetteRPC project that empowers fRPC by adding metrics to RPC providers and improving the overall performance.

Build with Fluence

Join us at the upcoming developer community call on Mar 23, 5pm UTC to walk through all the exciting updates and watch presentations from the teams building on Fluence. Sign up here.

Stay updated about next steps towards public testnet and incentives for compute providers by following Fluence on Twitter, Telegram, or Blog.

If you missed us in Denver, please look for us in Austin at Consensus in April where we will be hosting a number of events, and in Boston at the Compute over Data Summit in May.



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