December status update and plans for 2018

Good news, everyone!

This update is going to be the last in 2017, next time you’re going to hear from us in January 2018. It’s a tradition to summarize the events of the year, so here’s a short snapshot of 2017 at Fluence, but first the big news of December.

We’ve been working hard since the pre-sale to deliver the proof-of-concept. For now, we can only show the tip of the iceberg — you can check it out in our GitHub repo. Next year we’ll make the process behind the Fluence more transparent. Expect several articles on that during 2018.

As we met new people, discussed the project with them and between the team, more detailes and clarity arrived, resulting in a renewed primer!

What’s important for any project its’s the team. We’re happy to have Constantine on board — the boost in prototype development made possible by his hands and experience, and Artemiy — whos communication and marketing skills will come in handy as we propel the promo campaign for the token sale and continue with this blog.

This is a good opportunity to say a couple of words about our hiring policy. As we had a successful pre-sale (Thank you for that!) it would be expected to hire over 9000 devs and attempt to deliver the working product by the end of 2017.

Yet we do believe in different things: the team should grow organically. The fewer people you have the more focused you are on important things. By introducing an artificial scarcity of human resources you make sure, that only the relevant tasks are in quene. A smaller team also burns much slower through the investor money, which gives more confidence and more space to pivot. Another perk of a small team — you can preserve the culture and hire only those who share your values. Also, sometimes too many ideas however good they are can lead you astray. We’re small and we’re happy with it for now. Of course, we have several key positions to close next year, but the trick here is not to rush things.

And a shoutout to our advisor board! They work with us 24/7 as if they were the team members — we definitely view them so. Thank you for the support, advice and, most important, mistakes you’ve made, so we don’t have to repeat them!

The worst thing that happened in 2017: got some of our funds frozen by Parity hack. This turned out to be a great test for our team, but we’ve managed to get through and continue our work! Speaking of the small team bonus :)

What’s coming up in 2018? Lots of stuff, actually!

The most frequent question in our chat this year was “When is the token sale?”. It would be fair to start with that. The downside is that we cannot disclose the exact date yet, but mind this: the sale is happening in Q1 2018 100%. We will start a massive marketing campaign right at the beginning of January. Before the sale we will make some new hires, new advisors will join the board, and the key thing is we’re going to have a working proof-of-concept.

To make all this possible we’re gathering our team for a boot camp in January. Usually, we work from our homes and live in different cities, but next month we’ll be in Moscow working together on the project 24/7. During this time we expect to: renew the whitepaper, our vision, and roadmap for the prototype, a detailed plan for the token sale marketing campaign. Teambuilding activities are also in order.

As a result, expect the proof-of-concept and a renewed whitepaper with more details and juice! Also, we’ll make some big announcements about the token sales after this work is finished.

This has been an important year for the project since we’ve found the right set up and the right people. And by people, we mean not only the team but you guys too! This helped us to get things going. It’s a great feeling to see, how ideas and concepts turn into a real thing!

Thank you for being with us! Have a great holiday! See you soon!

As usual, if you’re up to asking a question or wishing us Happy New Year, you can do this on twitter or telegram!