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Decentralized Web Developer Report 2020


Summary of Report

ContentsWeb 3.0 vs DWebStudy Participants & DemographicsThe Current Web
3.1 Pain Points
3.2 Web Protocols
The DWeb
4.1 The Meaning of Decentralization
4.2 Values and Mission
4.3 Technical Challenges
4.4 DWeb Tech Usage in the Future
Adoption of the DWeb
5.1 Biggest Obstacles
5.2 The Missing Piece
5.3 The Role of the Blockchain
DWeb Projects Profile
6.1 Categories
6.2 Motivation
6.3 Status and Team
6.4 Technology
6.5 Business

Web 3.0 vs DWeb

Study Participants & Demographics

Biggest Pain Points

Web Protocols

The Meaning of Decentralization

Values and Mission

The Technical Challenges of the DWeb

Using DWeb Technologies in the Future

Biggest Obstacles

The missing piece to the DWeb?

Role of the Blockchain



Status & Team




Monthly users




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