Fluence at Distributed Health

We’ve been a bit silent since we finished pre-tokensale. We are highly busy now with building the prototype, hiring engineers, and establishing connections in blockchain projects’ space.

The Hackathon

Last weekend we participated in the 24-hours Distributed Health hackathon in Nashville, USA and built the solution for clinical trials. We showed how a decentralized database could be complementary to blockchain for sensitive health data storage.

We created Ethereum smart contract for trustless collaboration between pharma companies, research organizations and patients to run transparent and immutable clinical trials for new drugs.

Feel free to check our code, but don’t blame us for the quality, it was just a proof-of-concept built in 24 hours :)

We have used following technologies:

  • IPFS as an emulation of decentralized database
  • Nucypher tools for proxy re-encryption to share data access
  • Ethereum network to deploy a contract

The Conference

It was a pleasure to attend the conference on 25–26 September. The key topic that was discussed through all panels: patient data can’t still be owned by hospitals, pharma companies, medical providers. The health industry has to move to a patient-centric data model when patients own their data, can share it with institutions to obtain the best quality of services. And this move will be driven by patients themselves.

Many concerns associated with data security. How to store data, how to share it between organizations securely, how to perform calculations on top of data without disclosure the patient identity.

We believe that Fluence matches well to most of such use cases, providing encrypted storage and secure access sharing mechanism. We will see projects that use Fluence for building decentralized medical records, personal IoT data storage or clinical trials raw data.