Fluence Labs GitHub Repo Overview

The amount of code in our GitHub repo grows and we’re planning a series of short dev updates in the next couple months. In time we will give you full details on what can be found there and how to navigate inside Fluence repo.

These posts will turn into official release notes once we roll out an MVP, for now it’s a short overview of what’s going on.

Fluence Labs GitHub

Right now the main FluenceLabs GitHub repo contains:

  • Fluence project repo.
  • Crypto — cryptography for Scala and Scala.js in a separate repo.
  • Codec — an opinionated library for cats-friendly pure (reversible) conversions between types, with possible errors represented with Either.
  • Tendermint-demo a demo application and benchmarking tests of Tendermint (developed by Cosmos) we’ve made for R&D puproses.
  • Research — a directory with our WhitePaper.

If you’re wiling to attempt to build a test network from sources in Fluence repo, please, contact us in Gitter first. Or you can always hop in and ask any development related question in our official telegram channel.

Here are some additional things to look at, if you wish to delve deeper into how things work and what we’re building:

And some stats:

That’s all for now, stay tuned!