Fluence makes residence in FullNode — the biggest workspace for blockchain projects in Europe

Good news, everyone!

We are happy to announce that Fluence now is a part of a FullNode coworking space — the biggest in Europe hub for blockchain companies created by Gnosis and Cosmos teamed up.

the place looks exactly like a hub for high tech companies should
the place looks exactly like a hub for high tech companies should

Apart from being a super-comfortable loft-style space with all the infrastructure a tech company needs, the choice of location is perfect — right now Berlin is the beating heart of blockchain movement attracting lots of projects (like Polkadot, Golem, Raiden Network, Lisk, or FOAM).

It only got better since then

Joining other great companies means not just sitting there and meeting only for a brief chat over the coffee machine (though such conversations might lead do accidental discoveries and new ideas), but there’s actually lot’s of stuff going on.

speakin of neighbours

Also, a great advantage is that our awesome advisors from 1kx are almost next door now!

We’ve got a quite busy week already visiting Dfinity meetup, Ocean AI meetup, Dapps development by Gnosis and will definitelly attend TOA Berlin Crypto Capital.

Apart from a deeper integration into the scene and context of what’s up right now inside the community, we believe that being able to communicate with blockchain developers and founders will help us to gather more valuable intel and feedback to shape the Fluence and what it can offer.

That’s it for now! Got a question about a project —welcome to our telegram group! Want to discuss meet up or speaking opportunity — drop a line to anna@fluence.one.