Fluence Network Update — 2019 Year in Review

Evgeny Ponomarev
Jan 21 · 3 min read

Hi Fluencers,

2019 was the year of building for many projects in the blockchain space, including Fluence. We made terrific progress in our core focus areas of delivering the code and growing the developer community.

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We published The Fluence paper and the token economics proposal. The paper is a comprehensive technical description of the Fluence underlying trustless computation platform and our security model. The economics proposal defines the incentive mechanics called “lock-to-pay” for service providers participating in the Fluence network and token holders who are interested in being active participants. We have continued our research and which might lead to updates to our papers and to development.

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In 2019, we had 422 pull requests merged and almost 300 stars given to the main repository.

We rolled out the first developer release of the network — the Devnet. It allows developers to deploy and launch pre-built databases or new applications using the web interface with a couple of clicks.

Hundreds of developers accessed the platform and built prototypes and projects. The first components have been built by Fluence Labs and the community: Redis and SQLite databases are ported and available on the platform, Web Archive integration, a verifiable random function library, a ZK-snarks verification component, and cloud function implementations.

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Community & Content

We gathered over 1,000 developers at dozens of meetups, workshops, and dedicated Fluence hackathons. We spoke at conferences and events in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Minsk, Split, Kyiv, Barcelona, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Prague. Our tech and ecosystem posts gained over 20k views in our blog alone and were cited in over 70 publications including VentureBeat, CoinTelegraph and ETHnews.


Blog posts:



If you are interested to learn more about Fluence’s progress, check out the roadmap and follow us on Twitter or Medium. Looking forward to 2020, we expect to move beyond Devnet to the main launch and further network updates.

Thanks, everyone!


Fluence Labs

Open internet protocols

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