Fluence Phase 1 Launch Announcement

Evgeny Ponomarev
Nov 4, 2020 · 1 min read

We are excited to invite our community to the Phase 1 Launch event where we will share all of our progress over the past year.

We are launching Fluence in two phases:

  • Phase 1 includes our open application platform in which applications share data enabling developers to build on each other with confidence that access can not be disabled. The platform is powered by a peer-to-peer computing protocol and the new Aquamarine programming language which radically simplifies the building and composing distributed applications. Fluence is an open alternative to cloud platforms and proprietary APIs and our mission is to empower global collaboration and innovation.
  • Phase 2 will include the economic layer: the blockchain-based incentivization layer for nodes and developers and payments.

Please join our Phase 1 Launch event on Thursday, November 12th at 9am PT.

We will share our refined vision and our roadmap, and dig deeper into the benefits of permissionless innovation and how our solution helps developers. We will review our technical architecture, present Aquamarine, and demonstrate open applications built on Fluence.

Sign up for the event: https://hopin.to/events/fluence-phase-1-launch

Join us for the important milestone in the journey to make the internet open and decentralized again.

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