Fluence Pre-ICO has completed

We are pleased to announce that Fluence Pre-ICO has successfully finished one week earlier than planned! 100% of allocated tokens were sold with 2460 ETH contributed. These funds were successfully transferred to a multisig wallet controlled by the team.

Token price fixation

We are fixing the token price in USD to avoid ETH volatility at the rate of 1 token = $0.44. This price was calculated using Ether price for the last Pre-ICO transaction: $330/ETH. Given that the tokensale price was declared as 750 FLU = 1 ETH, we can calculate token price in USD: $330 / 750 = $0.44

1 token = $0.44

FLU tokens will be available at this price during the main tokensale. Pre-ICO tokens will be converted to main tokens at the rate 1 FPT = 1 FLU. We plan the main tokensale to take place in Q4 2017.

What is happening next?

We are busy working on the prototype which is planned to be delivered before the main tokensale, expanding the team, and starting preparations for the main sale.

Thanks to all contributors! We will keep you posted. Join us on Telegram group or Twitter to stay in touch.