Fluence Project Update January 2019

Hi Fluencers,

We’re just one month into 2019 with already so much to share!

DApp Survey Results

The big news is that we have concluded the DApp Developer Survey and published the results . During the survey we have managed to gather 1624 DApp projects building on Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, contacted 900 of those. In the end we’ve had elaborate responses from 160 various projects.

Why did we start this in the first place? Fluence Network is designed for the developers, it’s natural for us to want to learn more about one of our core audiences. The survey was chosen as a perfect way to get in touch with the DApp developers and learn something that could bring value to the whole community. A lot of projects had the opportunity to share their personal views and opinions on the current state of DApp ecosystem and we are grateful to them for sharing these thoughts with us.

Key Findings

- Despite harsh market conditions, the majority of surveyed projects were started in 2018.
- A quarter of the surveyed projects are gaming DApps.
- About half of the projects used a centralized cloud backend and centralized tools like Infura to connect to the Ethereum blockchain.
- Transactional fees prevailed as the central monetization model for most projects.

- New user onboarding was mentioned by more than three quarters of the respondents as the major obstacle to adoption.

The report was well received by the community (2.4K claps and more than 6K views to the date).

It also gained recognition from the top tier tech and crypto media (VentureBeat, CoinTelegraph, Hackernoon) and translated by several Chinese (8btc) and Japanese media (Coin Tokyo); sparked discussions on multiple social media platforms (/r/ethtrader or /r/Tronix on Reddit) and exploded on twitter.

Read the full DApp Survey Results 2019 here and join the ongoing discussion in our new and shiny Discord group.

WebAssembly VM benchmark

Speaking of notable publications, not so long ago our research team published their approach to virtual machines benchmarking. The article got mentioned on the HackerNews, gathered over 1.8K total views and made it into the official WASM weekly newsletter.

We believe, our ideas and findings might help other developers and teams while also making Fluence tech choices more transparent.

Development Progress — Devnet on The Way

In the previous big update we’ve shared our vision for the roadmap ahead. According to it the next big release should be Proof of Concept 1: Public clusterized SQL database testnet. It turns out we’ve exceeded our own expectations and are going straight to PoC2 since the WASM based arbitrary data processing is almost done. Once we have all parts in place, we will make a pre-release (treat it as an alpha version) that we call Devnet. The Devnet is not a testnet just yet, but developers already can get the taste of how application creation and deployment would look like.

The Devnet includes:

  • Command-line utility — provides a convenient interface for the developer to solve mundane tasks: register/delete Fluence nodes, deploy code, etc.
  • Javascript SDK — allows the app frontent to connect to the Fluence cluster hosting their backend code or database and iteract with it from the web-browser.
  • WebAssembly Rust SDK — A Rust library to make it easier to develop and deploy your own backend/database for (use in/within) the Fluence network.
  • Basic documentation — contains basic information on the network parts, scenarios and tutorials.
  • Network Dashboard — a monitoring UI for the Fluence network that provides a convenient visual interface to see the current state of the nodes that execute your code and the whole network.

This will get us closer to building a developer community and inviting contributors to Fluence. Devnet release is a big step towards mainnet, the details and more information on this will be available soon. Buckle up!

Fluence at The First Decentralized Summit (by The Mainframe)

Our friends at the Mainframe had a brilliant idea: why can’t we decentralize a whole event to save developers’ time and energy? As a result the first Decentralized Summit had 50+ awesome speakers and more than 15000+ audience with almost 25 hours of content from industry’s coolest projects.

Check out Dmitry’s talk and others on the summit website.


Our website found its new home at fluence.network (the fluence.one website will now redirect there) — all project updates, new, and key information can be found there.

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