Fluence Project Update September 2018

Berlin hackathon, meetups in Barcelona and Warsaw, our first AMA

Hello, Fluencers!

Today’s update wrap-ups the busy month of September, here’re the main highlights:

Fluence in development

Fluence team at the ETHBerlin hackathon
Fluence team at the ETHBerlin hackathon

While we’re working hard to introduce Fluence to the global community and the projects that, we believe, will play a crucial role as backbones of the future web, the less evident but most important part of our efforts is focused towards delivering a prototype and making Fluence GitHub repo more welcoming for the developers and contributors.

If you follow the main project repository closely, you’d notice there’s been a lot of changes: we’re increasing transparency by opening our issues, proposals, and pull-requests. The team merged 25 pull-request in September alone and we are moving forward to release the test-network. So it’s a good time to star our main repository and follow the updates.

Fluence doing the talking

Evgeny at Dezentral stage
Evgeny at Dezentral

As the summer ended, the amount of talks and meetups doubled:

Alexander at Barcelona meet-up with AKASHA project
Alexander at Barcelona meetup with AKASHA project

Being at such big, industry-wide events pleases us and serves as a good indicator that our team is doing the right job while sharing the scene with the best projects there are. As we try to bring various parts of the community together with the events, or by working with Ethereum Magicians, or collaborating with the Web3 Foundation, we hope that Fluence will take its role as a fundamental way to work with the decentralized data and build applications on top of it.

Fluence first AMA

Best questions so far
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Thanks to everyone who participated in our very first AMA! This time we took more general questions on the product, future plans, how the network will be organized — but the experience was so great that we’ve got plans for another one soon, with more technical questions.

For now, you should definitely check out these treads:

Fluence in the media

Our thoughts on blockchain maturity and what it still lacks to finally break the wide user adoption barrier got published by the TechInAsia.

Cointelligence published our article on how to avoid the grim future so vividly shown in one of the Black Mirror episodes.

October plans

Next month you can meet us at San Francisco Blockchain week, Web3 summit, Devcon 4and Ethereum Magicians Council of Prague.

During these events we are planning to host our own meetups for the developers — you can subscribe to the notifications via e-mail, or twitter (which is best).

Important note

We have updated our social accounts URLs to align with the website address, make sure you follow the right ones: