FPT unlocked today

Dear token holders,

As we have noted earlier, due to the Tokensale shift from this year’s end to Q1 2018 you will have the opportunity to unlock your Presale tokens now. Unlocked tokens are tradable as standard ERC20 Ethereum tokens.



A quick rundown on what’s happening and how it works:

Q: Who can take part?

A: Only our early Presale investors who already own the FPT tokens. This is optional, you can safely hold your tokens until the FLU Tokensale.

Q: When will the tokens be available?

A: We will provide a special link on December the 1st. If you are an investor but have not received the link, please contact Artemiy, or check our telegram chat for updates.

Q: How do I unlock my tokens?

A: Follow instructions on that special link we provide. Additional authorization through PICOPS is required for security reasons. If you already have a confirmed PICOPS address, where you store our tokens, you can use it. You will have to make a special transaction of 0 ETH to our contract.

Q: How to view unlocked tokens in your wallet?

A: The unlocked token has a new address. If you’re using MyEtherWallet, you need to add them manually. Click “Add custom token” and specify parameters:

Token Contract Address: 0xF1e626E60fB1A4776a5D31247e96fdD6D09da3Cc

Token Symbol: FPT

Decimals: 18

Q: What happens with the tokens I have?

A: When you unlock the tokens this way, you will have an “old” version left on your wallet. It can’t be traded, used during or after Tokensale, you can just delete it to avoid any confusion in the future.

Q: What happens if I have a PICOPS confirmed address, can I receive unlocked tokens there?

A: Yes. Specify this address on the second step. Then, send a confirming transaction to a smart-contract from your address, which currently holds locked tokens.

Q: How long does the PICOPS certification process take?

A: A certification takes about 1–2 days. If you haven’t been certified by PICPOS during this time, please, contact PICOPS support here.

Q: Is the identity certification necessary?

A: We’re working hard to comply to the current laws and regulations, and be a transparent company. This also mean we have to use these procedures to make sure everything is done by the law. If this feels inconvenient, please, remember, that skipping some of these steps might bite Fluence as a company in the future, which would be bad for us and our investors, including you.

Q: What can I do with the unlocked tokens?

A: You can sell them to any other person, or trade at a P2P exchange like Etherdelta.

Q: How to trade unlocked tokes on Etherdelta?

A: Here’s a quick instruction

  1. Go to Etherdelta

2. Click token symbol and scroll down

3. Click “Other token”. You should see the following form:

Specify FPT token params:

Address: 0xF1e626E60fB1A4776a5D31247e96fdD6D09da3Cc

Name: FPT

Decimals: 18

4. Now you can create orders with this token!

We are concerned if our change of plans has affected you in any way. The logic for us to shift the Tokensale date can be found in our October post.

Whatever the reason for your decision to opt out of the project and sell FPT now, please, let us know via email, or in our telegram chat. Your feedback will help us to make it right for current token holders and better cope with such problems in the future!

Thank you!