March 2018 Status Update

Good news, everyone!

A short video for a starter:

As you know, we’ve been working hard to deliver the proof of concept and even had launched a test network (with a limited access for now). Everything works fine so we have decided to go a bit further and add some more features before releasing the prototype.


A valuable addition to our team Dmitri Sergeev. He built a heavily loaded game server engine for the Tanki Online game. Led big data processing team at AlternativaPlatform. Has strong expertise in algorithms and competitive programming, ACM contest finalist.

At Fluence he will be responsible for research and help us make the right technology decisions on the backend architecture.


We have set a personal record and visited 9 conferences since the last update in Dallas, Moscow, Berlin, Ho Chi Mihn City (Vietnam), Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Novosibirsk!

We spoke at such recognized events like Blockstack Signature, Token2049, ZeroKnowledge Summit, and CodeFest!

You can watch Alexander’s pitch from Dallas on our Youtube channel.

On April 24-th Evgeny will be at the Oracle blockchain event in Seoul

If you’re organizing an event with a theme related to data storage, transfer, and protection — please, contact We’d be happy to hear about new opportunities!

Bootcamp and further plans

The boot camp practice proved to be an effective tool, so from April 3-rd to 11 our team is gathered for a second boot camp (first one was in January 2018) to polish the product we’re building, the concept, and decide on what we do next. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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