November status update

Good news, everyone! A super quick roundup on what happened in November so far.

It’s dangerous to go alone, take a piece of advice!

We are proud to announce that Mr. Gordon Hall has joined our advisor board! Known as “bookchin” in the community he describes himself as a “distributed systems hacker and free software activist”. He is the author of the core libraries that drive Storj, ORC, as well as their underlying implementation of the Kademlia distributed hash table. In addition to this work, he is a founding member of Counterpoint, a free learning collective that teaches counter surveillance tactics. How cool is that?

Gordon has already provided some great feedback on what we’re doing at Fluence. We are certain his expertise will help us to move much faster while avoiding mistakes and conceptual dead ends.

Fluence Team

Another great news is that we finally have someone devoted to communications on our team. Meet Artemiy: background in semiconductor physics, coming from digital advertising, with experience in enterprise software sales&marketing, and interests in game theory.

I’m the one to contact to, if you’ve got any questions, ideas on media coverage, latest news, or just want to better understand what Fluence is and what it’s going to become.


We’ll be visiting ICO financing at Berkeley (November 30) and TokenSummit SF (December 4–5). Unfortunately, no presentation this time, but always available for a chat live, or telegram.

That is all for now, stay tuned, stay awesome!