Fluence Project Update June 2018

Hello and welcome, Fluencers!

This update is a short recap of major events in June, since we’ve covered most of them in detail in our previous posts.

June Highlights

Major headlines, read on for more details:

Thank you, Helsinki, it was great

To our pride it looks like the Developing Decentralized Networks meetup in Helsinki was indeed the biggest blockchain related event in Finland so far, so we consider the experiment successful and got more events in plans. Thanks to you, all the awesome local blockchain community and enthusiasts!

150+ visitors is not something you’d see every day on en event like this

In case you have missed it, we’ve got the full video here or you can jump right to the speaker you fancy:

6:50 Jusso (Streamr) “Developing Data Marketplace

33:30 Evgeny (Fluence) “Decentralized Database Network

1:29:25 Tatu (Aragon) “Tools for Decentralized Governance

The next event by Fluence will be in Tallinn on July 27th together with the Ethereum community. We will provide the event link with more details soon.

If you want to kick off an event like this in your town — contact Anna in telegram or mail with any events related question. We’de be happy to visit new places, meet new people, and host an event together!

An update for the early investors

The buyback for the early contributors (participated in August 2017 pre-sale) is over.

Twenty nine applications had been fulfilled for a total amount of 234 ETH, which makes nearly 10% of original investment funds gathered on the pre-sale.

For us this means more than any words. Thank you for the strong community we have, your support and belief in Fluence.

We will issue another update for the FPT token-holders on conversion and vesting bonuses. In case you’ve missed this, you should read Evgeny’s post: it covers not only the bonus part and is full of details that will help to clarify what we’re doing and our plans for the next six months.

Technology update

There are new things arriving in our GitHub repo with more to come soon. We’ve published a short overview on what can be found there right now to make navigation easier for you.

Along with the Fluence network related repos you will find there an artifact of our R&D efforts: Tendermint benchmarking demo. Fluence is a research project an we do a ton of it, but only some could be made public right now. Though we hope to reveal more in the future.

What should a blockchain company do in Berlin?

Join the FullNode, of course. Which we did in June along with meeting lots of great people there and visiting almost every available meetup there.

It’s the second time in one update I’d have to use “the biggest”, but it’s totally legit, since the FullNode is the biggest hub for the blockchain companies in Europe made by Gnosis and Cosmos.

Now in close proximity with projects like Polkadot, Golem, Raiden Network, Lisk — to exchange ideas and shape our own product.

A full recap on this in our previous blog-post.

Fluence on Venturebeat

As you know, we tend to keep relatively low profile, so getting a coverage in the top tier media is twice as good. Make sure to check out the “Fluence is using blockchain technology to build a secure internet” feature.

Alos, now you can find “How decentralization can help solve social issues in an unexpected way” in our blog, previously published in Cryptovest on March 13 2018.

That is all for today, live long and prosper.

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