Starting 2018: token sale and plans for the next months

Fluence team brainstorming the inner workings of the network. Moscow, January 2018.

Good news, everyone! We had a tremendously productive week from the 4-th to 10-th of January! The were several key themes to discuss:

  1. Whitepaper and the prototype: network, data storage, economy, and replication layers and how it all fits together.
  2. The main token sale dates and structure.
  3. Marketing, team building, and other.

So, here it is: in January we will update the whitepaper. It will become a detailed proposal of how we’re going to build the decentralized storage, make it secure, stable and reliable.

Soon after that, we will release the first working prototype. For a start, single cluster key-value storage running on a set of independent nodes with cryptographically guaranteed data security and privacy.

And then the thing you’ve been patiently waiting for the token sale. We’ve considered many factors and for now, the most viable option that looks most beneficial to our current and future token holders is this:

Early February: proof-of-concept and detailed whitepaper.
Early March: the start of the whitelisting for new participants.
Mid-March (24–48 hours): individual capped main sale.
Mid-March: main sale continues if hardcap is not reached with individual caps.

The exact dates will be updated with the whitepaper or prototype release. The current state of the market, the ETH price, and other factors will impact the final terms, right now we have several options with positive outcomes for both, the investors and the project.

For now, we can tell for certain that we will have a whitelist, but no bounty program.

Our incentives behind this are the following:

  1. Provide proof that the project is alive and got traction (whitepaper and prototype).
  2. Give time and opportunity to anyone willing to participate.

We hope to create a healthier token economy this way and make the project itself more credible.

Definitely, we will make a more detailed post on token sale and why we structure it this way, along with FAQ, soon. So, if you’ve got any questions, please ask them in our telegram chat!

Along with this we’re kicking off a marketing campaign and a conference roadshow — stay tuned for more updates!

Also, we expect questions on what you’d like to see explained about the project in the whitepaper and follow up posts.

Again, thank you for your patience and support!

Hope 2018 had started as great for you, as it had been for us!

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