Technical Profile of an ML Engineer (m/f/d).

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Ever wondered how to highlight your technical skills as a Machine Learning Engineer and have much better opportunities in your company, with clients, and in finding the next challenge?

Let’s start with the example of a Principal Engineer

Technical Skills of a Principal ML Engineer

How does the profile highlight expertise?

  • Career duration and skills level: 10+ years
  • Solid foundations on the cloud with 2 providers and CI/CD expertise
  • Classical ML and advanced techniques in RL and Computer Vision

What is a technical profile?

It allows the reader to understand your role, skills, and competency level at a glance. Your reader may be, e.g., a manager, client, or recruiter. Your profile needs to be dense and clear because your reader will make an initial judgment in 60 seconds or less.

  1. Role: Whatever key concepts, programming languages, methods, and tools you mention, it must be clear at a glance what your data role is, e.g., ML Engineer, NLP practitioner, or Computer Vision Engineer.
  2. Skills: As an ML Engineer, you make visible your domain expertise and specialization, e.g., a, b, and c.
  3. Competency-level: Your reader wants to know your level immediately, e.g., if you are Senior or Lead and how many years of experience you have.

Example 2: Career transition to Data and ML Engineering

Career transition — Technical profile suitable for starting as a Data or ML Engineer

How does the profile highlight expertise?

  • Highlights prior experience with handling data and building pipelines
  • Shows relevant additional experience in DevOps and data processing
  • Allows companies to express interest for ML and Data Engineer positions (often companies don’t differentiate clearly)

Seizing ML career opportunities

Your best technical skills profile is focussed clearly for the benefit of the reader. What where your most relevant skills in the past two years? What skills will you be using much more in the next year?

Some uses of your technical profile.

  • Professional development: Use your profile to understand your training and development needs.
  • Go-to-expert: Use your profile with your company or freelance clients to be recognized as the go-to expert.
  • Career opportunities: Systematically build your technical profile for career advancement.

If you are looking for your next challenge, I recommend using your technical profile at the top of your CV and the About Section on LinkedIn.

Example 3: Solid software and ML competencies

Key competencies in ML Algorithms and Software

How does the profile highlight expertise?

  • Extensive software development and Python programming experience with code samples
  • Systematic and broad coverage of ML algorithms
  • Some experience with DL frameworks too

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