About becoming a Polyglot

When we are born into this world we are provided with the gift of communication, this gift is provided by our parents and the world that surrounds us. We are born in a family and as we begin our steps into the long way of life, we also become part of a community. We develop ourselves interacting with what surrounds us. Being able to communicate with our peers gives us the empowerment to lead the life we want to. Most of the people you may know only speaks one language, that will depend on where you are from.

Although there are some communities that are multilingual, where most of their inhabitants speak at least two languages, those usually are the exception. Chances you are monolingual as well, and while this is not a detriment, it might be preventing you to succeed in your career or to make your dreams come true. While the most prevalent languages in the World are Chinese and Spanish, a truth is English has conquered the world and even if there aren’t as many speakers as the ones who speak Mandarin, it is most likely to find an English speaker in Timbuktu than someone who speaks Chinese. 
Whether you think learning a language will be an advantage for your career or not, adding cultural value to your life has no price. Being able to understand and speak more than one language opens up a whole new world. I started my life as a monolingual speaker and currently, I am fluent in three languages and have knowledge of a total of six languages. Yes, I can fully understand and converse in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. In addition, I can understand and have some conversation in Italian, French, and Swedish. How come? I have indulged into other cultures since I was very young in age. Becoming involved in some way with other cultures is a great way to start. If you like music in English or enjoy a Flamenco dance, you can start building a vocabulary related to those activities. 
Becoming a Polyglot takes effort and time, it will most likely not happen in a matter of months. You can grasp a language and understand the context in a few months time, surely. However, this does not necessarily mean you are a Polyglot. To be considered a Polyglot, you need to have basic to intermediate level of at least ten languages or advanced to a proficient level of at least three languages. Choosing, either way, will take effort and time.

A more amicable approach to learning English is using an app such as FluentWorlds. This app allows you to learn and practice your English comfortably anywhere you are, since you can use it on your smartphone or tablet. FluentWorlds allows you to roam around the biggest and most important US cities and its landmarks. You get to learn in first person and you must interact in English, regardless of your level. The app is not only entertaining but also effective. You can find a dictionary with thousands of terms within it, so that you can broaden your vocabulary. In addition, there is a unique Voice Recognition system embedded to the game that allows you to practice your pronunciation to sound even more natural.

The road towards becoming a polyglot is not an easy one, but you can start today. In today’s world, to accomplish this is even easier, thanks to the many tools you can find out there. Even if you have no money, you can begin to transit the road to becoming a polyglot. I started a few years ago, you can start today.

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