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4 min readApr 25, 2019


With a year of Instant behind us, we’re excited to release a completely new trading experience into public beta. We’ve taken your feedback for a more immersive, informative, and smarter way to make quick decentralized trades on AirSwap.

Buying and selling tokens on AirSwap has always been a breeze. Even then, trading peer-to-peer presents its own challenges—like finding peers ready to trade, knowing a good price when you see it, and tracking trading activity.

Plug in and make a trade

It’s still as easy as that. No deposits, no trading fees, all peer-to-peer. Behind the scenes, we’ve developed a robust framework to ensure many more situations complete with a trade. If the initial requested amount cannot be entirely filled, you’ll often be presented an alternative for a lower amount.

When no peers are available for an instant trade, you’ll also often be presented opportunities from AirSwap Spaces, for OTC trades with desks and other traders. With the new AirSwap Instant, discovering peers and making trades is nearly automatic.

Market data and trading activity

When browsing the Tokens screen, you’ll find new data including buy price, sell price, daily volume, and liquidity. Buy and sell prices represent quotes offered by makers on the network to buy or sell a given token.

Liquidity displays the “liquidity depth” for each token being traded. This is the maximum amount that online makers can provide across the network, providing transparency into what tokens are truly available for trade.

You’ll also find trading activity, which displays as a marquee across the header, and available in full on the Trades screen. This helps to understand how others on the network are trading, uncovering trends and opportunities. The feed is easily scannable and filterable.

The feed includes tags indicating a “Whale Trade” for large trades above 50 ETH, and “Largest Daily Trade” for the largest trade on the network over 24 hours. New trade tags will be added as the product evolves — we invite you to offer new and interesting ways to tag trades too.

Your new wallet overview

On AirSwap, every trade begins and ends with your wallet, never having to deposit or lose possession of your tokens until traded. Given the importance of your wallet, we’ve built a completely new interactive overview.

This includes the overall value of your tokens in a fiat currency of choice, quick wrap and unwrap, and an entire list of tokens held by the connected wallet. Whether on desktop or mobile, the wallet is an integral component.

Integrated and immersive

As you navigate, the user interface visually adjusts to your selections, creating a neatly branded trading experience for each token. From end-to-end, you’ll know you’re in the right place for a given trade, with colors automatically generated for tokens using public metadata.

The new layout has the trade checkout docked on the right at all times, making for parallel browsing and trading. We’ve also integrated DexIndex, an open source price comparison tool our team released earlier this year to let you know you’re getting the best price. 🔥

Constant improvement

The new AirSwap Instant is an important step on our mission towards global, frictionless trade. Ultimately, some of our most important product direction comes from traders like you. We’ve created new ways to provide feedback, share and upvote ideas, and engage with our team.

Together, we’ll continue to improve the ways we utilize, interact, and trade on the Ethereum network — and together push the greater #defi ecosystem forward. Trading is ultimately a social activity, and we’re excited to be on this journey with you.

Try it out today

This is a public beta release on mainnet. We’ll be making ongoing improvements and adjustments over time as we receive feedback and continue to deliver new features. Head over to to check it out, make a trade, and let us know what you think.

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