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AirSwap is Here

Decentralized token trading, available on any device, embeddable on any website, with 24 tokens and in 8 languages. Make trades today at www.airswap.io.

Decentralizing trade gives us security and control, neutralizes risk, and lets us pursue with conviction the promise of a worldwide marketplace. But what emerges on this foundation is something new.

AirSwap is powering a new system of trade. The frictionless and global nature of blockchain brings ownership online and makes it widely and instantly transferable. Even then, it’s difficult to connect with others and make trades.

AirSwap is a marketplace powered by search. Buyers, sellers, people and programs can connect and trade wallet to wallet using smart contracts. Our design leaves custody, execution, and settlement in the hands of traders, and leaves behind the centralized systems that plague our nascent ecosystem with hacks and theft.

We’ve built something scalable, portable, and secure, designed for any token, on any website, on any device, and in any language. Today, market makers are trading 24 tokens, we are live across the web, available on desktop, tablets, and mobile, supporting 8 of our top community languages.

Around the web

Trades in the marketplace are made peer-to-peer through a browser on any website. Try it today on AdChain, a token-curated registry of high-quality websites for advertisers. If you run an Ethereum project or website and wish to integrate trading, it’s quick and easy. Reach us at partner@airswap.io.

In your pocket

Using an Ethereum wallet makes it easy to make trades on the go. When we announced #airswapgo we decided to build for mobile out of the box. Try it today using a mobile wallet like Trust Wallet. If you’re an Ethereum wallet developer, we’d love to collaborate. Reach us at partner@airswap.io.

Make trades now at airswap.io

We welcome you to join a global community as we grow and develop this new peer-to-peer marketplace. Our entire team has been working feverishly to set the stage, connecting the dots between market makers and the crypto community to make trades anytime, anywhere.

Let’s bring decentralized trade to the forefront of the blockchain ecosystem and develop a foundation we can depend on. Meet the future of trading at www.airswap.io.

About AirSwap

AirSwap enables peer-to-peer trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Built on a decentralized protocol, traders can add or remove liquidity through a suite of trustless products that are easy to use and free. Our mission is to empower the world with frictionless trade.

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Rebuilding Finance for a Frictionless World

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Don Mosites

Don Mosites

Co-Founder at @airswap, Co-Founder at @fluidityio