AirSwap Release Roadmap

Ahead of the AirSwap whitelist registration Oct 4th and the AirSwap Token (AST) launch Oct 10th, we’d like to share our release roadmap and important milestones. We believe the health of the AirSwap community will grow through the creation of a global trading platform, active market makers, and widespread distribution of intent to trade. We are excited to share our upcoming products and give an early look at what we plan to deliver to the community as a whole.

We often invite a group of beta users to test and improve our products. As a participant in the token sale you will be automatically enrolled into the beta program, and we welcome you to join us in using new AirSwap software and product features as they’re released.

Token Launch (AST)
Release Imminent. October 10, 2017
Our implementation of the Swap Peer Protocol and Smart Contract to launch the AirSwap Token.

The Index
In Development. Beta Q4 2017, Release Q1 2018
Our implementation of a Swap Indexer: a searchable index of token holders looking to trade.

The Oracle
In Development. Beta Q4 2017, Release Q1 2018
Our implementation of a Swap Oracle: Pricing data to help facilitate the negotiation process.

Trading Frontend
In Development. Beta Q4 2017, Release Q1 2018
A destination for ERC20 traders to interface with the Index and Oracle to find counterparties and make trades.

Market Maker API
Development Begins Q4 2017, Release Q1 2018
An API for market makers to tie into the Index as automated traders with wide inventories of tokens.

Partner Network API
Development Begins Q1 2018, Release Q2 2018
An API for network partners to integrate the Index into their products and bring token trading to their users.

Join our Team!

We believe bringing together the right kind of people to build and market the right products is a key challenge for any startup. If these projects sound as awesome to you as they do to us, we’re growing quickly and looking out for talented engineers and visual designers.

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