AirSwap Token Buyers Guide

Our whitelisting process is complete and we are ready to commence the AirSwap Token sale. Thank you for your patience as the process was time intensive and hands-on.

Originally, we planned to run the whitelist registration for just over two days starting Wednesday, October 4th at 10AM and ending on Friday, October 6th at 4:00PM. After the first 24 hours we saw 18,361 total submissions and were forced to close the whitelist registration early to ensure that we’d be able to process them on time. After processing every last submission, our final numbers are as follows:

  • Total submissions: 18,361
  • Completed submissions: 13,877
  • Accepted submissions: 12,719

To check that your Ethereum address has been whitelisted, please visit Processing is complete, and we are unable to make additional changes or updates to the whitelist at this time. Only whitelisted addresses will be able to participate in the following sales. Prior to each sale, we’ll post a notice in Telegram and send you a friendly email reminder.

All sales are held at

Main Token Sale (10/10)

When: October 10, 2017
10:10:10AM to 9:10:10AM Eastern Time (23 Hours)

The Main Token Sale is a capped sale running on the AirSwap token launcher platform. The amount is calculated as follows:

  • 42,000,000 AST available for sale
  • 12,719 registered participants
  • 3,300 individual AST purchase limit (3.3 ETH)
  • No minimum purchase

L(AST) Chance Sale (10/11)

When: October 11, 2017
10:10:10AM ET to 12:12:12 PM ET (2 Hours)

The L(AST) Chance Sale is an uncapped sale running on the AirSwap token launcher platform. The total amount for the sale is dependent on the number of tokens that weren’t sold in the main sale on October 10th or beta tester sale on October 9th.

Buyer Tutorials

To participate in the sale, navigate to at the time of sale. Do NOT send ether to any address or navigate to any other URL to participate in the AirSwap token sale. The AirSwap Token launch application runs on the Web and requires an extension like MetaMask or Parity.

Option 1: MetaMask

MetaMask is a Chrome extension to enable Web browsers to connect to the Ethereum network.

  1. Install MetaMask. If you’d like an introduction, see this video.
  2. Configure a new wallet or import an existing wallet per the instructions found here.
  3. Make sure that you’ve transferred ether to this wallet so that you can participate in the sale.
  4. Navigate to
  5. Ensure that you’ve selected “Main Ethereum Network” in MetaMask.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

Option 2: Parity

Parity is an Ethereum node that runs on your computer and offers a browser extension that allows Web applications to connect to the Ethereum network.

  1. Install Parity. If you’d like an introduction, see their wiki here.
  2. Parity needs to be updated to version 1.7.3
  3. Ensure that Parity is running on the mainnet and is synced.
  4. Navigate to
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that securely stores your private keys so that nobody can physically access them. To use one for the sale it will also require Parity to be installed and running on your machine. Only the first address on your Ledger can be used.

  1. Plug in your Ledger Nano S.
  2. Unlock your Ledger Nano S and open the Ethereum app.
  3. Make sure that “Browser Support” is set to “yes”.
  4. Make sure that “Contract Data” is set to “yes”.
  5. Navigate to
  6. Look for the label, “Ledger Connected.”
  7. Click “Confirm Address” and prior to placing an order, make sure that “Browser Support” is set to “no” again.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

A Note on Security

Do NOT directly send ether to ANY Ethereum address that purports to be related to AirSwap. Only make purchases through the Web site as this is the only place where you can be issued orders and purchase tokens.

Tracking your AST

When you purchase AST, the token balance is immediately transferred to the Ethereum address you place your order with. It’s easiest to see your balance on Etherscan, where the AirSwap token is available for inspection. To see your own balance, just append “?a=ADDRESS” to the end of that URL, where ADDRESS is your Ethereum address.

For reference, the AirSwap token address is…



Many of our token buyers are users of MyEtherWallet, a browser-based Ethereum wallet manager and powerful tool. To track your AST balance on MyEtherWallet, first navigate to the “View Wallet Info” tab and load the appropriate wallet information.

Once loaded, look for this widget on the right side.

Click on the “Add Custom Token” button.

Add the address 0x27054b13b1b798b345b591a4d22e6562d47ea75a with the symbol AST and decimals 4. Then click “Save” and you’re all set.


Many of our token buyers use MetaMask to complete their purchases. You can track token balances in MetaMask much in the same way you do with MyEtherWallet. Once you open up the extension, you’ll see a “Tokens” tab. Click “Add Token”.

Add the address 0x27054b13b1b798b345b591a4d22e6562d47ea75a with the symbol AST and decimals 4. Then click “Add” and you’re all set.

We’ll be adding more tools to the guide as we go, but if you have any questions about tracking your AST or otherwise interacting with Ethereum tokens, we’re happy to help.

AirSwap around the Web

Find us around the Web and we’ll be happy to connect with you and answer any questions or concerns you have about AirSwap or the token launch.

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How can I check the whitelist status of my Ethereum address?
Please navigate to to check.

Can I purchase AirSwap Tokens if I am not on the whitelist?
No, only whitelisted addresses may participate in the sale.

Can I place multiple orders during the sale?
Yes, you can place multiple orders as long as you remain under the individual cap if any.

Can I use MyEtherWallet to purchase AirSwap Tokens?
If you’re able to export your keys from MEW, you can import them into MetaMask.

Do tokens go into my wallet after purchase?
Yep, your balances in AST will be vislble once your order completes.

Is there a token lockup period?
Yes, tokens will be locked for one week from the day of the sale. They will be available on October 17, 2017 at 10:10:10 AM ET.

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