Announcing the Fluidity Summit

Join visionaries Mike Novogratz, Joe Lubin, Nouriel Roubini, Ryan Selkis, Laura Shin, and Bill Tai supported by the new foundations of trade AirSwap, 0x Protocol, Hashgraph, OmiseGO, and more to envision the future of finance in Brooklyn on May 10th, 2018.

We’ve witnessed an explosion of tokenized assets and the hysteria surrounding a new global financial phenomenon. For the first time in human history, we’re able to exchange value directly between peers online, leaving middlemen behind as they become more expensive and fragile every day.

But it is not technology alone that can save us from the broken machinery of finance. We must understand our responsibilities and forge a path of legitimate, systemic change. Our community shares a belief in decentralization with a variety of designs, ideas, points, and counterpoints. Only through open, spirited discussion and debate will we emerge with a path forward and shared vision of things to come.

Embrace the past

The Summit will be hosted at the Weylin, formerly the Williamsburg Savings Bank, a location we find fitting as we “white box” the banking industry and prepare it for reconstruction. What better way to transition than through a bank built at the inception of American Renaissance in 1875.

Construct the future

Join us for a day of topics covering the problems with finance, the history of trade, the developing legal landscape, new and existing technologies, security, and the possibilities and limitations of decentralization itself. Join us in telling a story and envisioning its next chapters.

Register today

Registration is now open today. Visit us at to secure your place in the conversation and frame the future of finance.