Following the AirSwap Token

The AirSwap Token (AST) is a fundamental part of the AirSwap Platform. Having sold 150M tokens in our recent token launch, we reported several launch statistics about the distribution and international representation of buyers. We are thankful for those who have purchased our token, and in our continued curiosity, decided to follow up on our initial report.

Using Etherscan, a community standard for referencing and retrieving Ethereum blockchain data, we were able to compile some interesting numbers on how the AirSwap token has moved since it became transferable. We decided to report approximate amounts to improve readability.

Pre-sale buyers have held 96% of their AST

Tracking our top token holders on Etherscan we discovered that very few of those tokens sold in pre-sale were re-sold once transferable. Our pre-sale buyers have become important partners in the success of the project, having purchased around two-thirds of tokens during launch and providing ongoing support to our project, team, and community.

20% of main sale buyers have deposited to an exchange

Of those who participated in our main sale, 1,520 buyers deposited at least some of their tokens to Liqui, a cryptocurrency exchange. After accounting for addresses that were consolidated due to farming, which we’ll show in detail below, 9,300 main sale buyers consolidated into 7,800, indicating that 19.5% of main sale buyers placed their tokens on the market once they became transferable.

80% of participants from the Philippines were farmed

To give each buyer an opportunity to purchase, there was a 3,300 AST per order cap during the main sale. When tokens became transferable one week after the main sale, we discovered a group of buyers immediately transferred and consolidated their tokens into the hands of a few accounts.

Buyers from the Philippines appear to have had more than 800 counterfeit accounts that were consolidated the day AST became transferable. We believe this is the work of a “farm” where a single group registered multiple Ethereum addresses with apparently legitimate IDs to skirt the individual cap and purchase more AST. Unfortunately, these farms are difficult to identify because the submissions appear to be legitimate and unique registrants. We estimate that 2M AST may have been placed on the market through these farms.

The AirSwap Community

We are thankful to have you with us and appreciate your support for the AirSwap platform. Everyone who purchased AST during the token sale is automatically whitelisted for our beta program where you’ll be among the first to see and use exciting new features of the platform. Your feedback is essential to the success of AirSwap, so please join the conversation on our Telegram community group.

Our team is actively hiring bright minds that share a vision of decentralized global marketplace to support the new token economy. If you’re interested in learning about opportunities at AirSwap, please reach out to, we’d love to speak with you.

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