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AirSwap Team
Aug 6, 2019 · 4 min read

Share and settle over-the-counter (OTC) trades with no counterparty risk, no deposits, and no fees. Trade any size and price between any two wallets. In public beta today at

You glance at the chat to catch it bustling. It’s been a favorite trading group for years, through the highs and lows, the thick and thin. You and your fellow admins have always carefully handled funds as escrow to make trading safe for the community you’ve built.

It’s not been without its share of scams. That time another admin walked away with a truckload of DAI, another time someone tried out a new escrow service that just stole their tokens outright never to be seen again. Sometimes you think there must be a better way.

Trustless escrow for modern traders

Our team published the Swap Protocol whitepaper in 2017 and has been delivering products on it ever since. Today, we’re releasing AirSwap Trader, an important new building block of decentralized trade and the latest member of the AirSwap product family.

Decentralized trade is between two parties and a smart contract. No intermediaries means no fees, no deposits, no sign-ups, and no counterparty risk. Tokens never leave your wallet until they’ve successfully been swapped.

Price and quantity are set by one party — the maker — and either accepted or dismissed by another party — the taker. Both sides cryptographically sign the trade using their wallet, whether browser-based like MetaMask, web-based like Portis, or hardware like Ledger.

Fits your workflow

Every trade is directly between two wallets and only executed when both sides have agreed. Using AirSwap Trader, creating trades is just a few short clicks away and reviewing details is crystal clear.

Open source and ready to trade

Shareable with anyone

Even if you’ve created a new token, users can trade it. There is no listing process on AirSwap, as the tokens on the network are brought by traders themselves, with the exception of those that have been blacklisted.

Participating in the AirSwap network is intuitive, secure, and liquid, requiring no personal information, deposits, or trading fees. Trader is here as the “automated escrow” on which trading communities grow with confidence.

Check it out today at

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