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AirSwap Team
Aug 28, 2019 · 3 min read

For the next two weeks, Gitcoin and Ethereal Summit are running the Ethereal Blocks virtual hackathon. The AirSwap team has posted bounties to use two new building blocks: the new AirSwap Trader widget and AirSwap Protocols.

AirSwap is a decentralized token trading network built on Ethereum. It’s peer-to-peer, a simple but powerful design that scales without common pitfalls in decentralized trading. To learn more about AirSwap, check out Why AirSwap or visit our Website. Join our Discord server to chat with the team.

Challenge #1: Build for DeFi with AirSwap Trader

Prize Bounty

Challenge Description

This bounty challenges you to do just that. Build a trading web app that embeds AirSwap Trader to create and execute trades for ERC-20 or ERC-721 (NFT) tokens. Where possible, your application should use other decentralized technologies for messaging or data stores.

Check out the Trader widget documentation.

Imagine a digital collectible marketplace, chat app for over-the-counter (OTC) trading, message board for obscure ERC-20s, a destination to buy and sell tokenized artwork, and more. The sky’s the limit and we encourage you to think outside of the box!

Challenge #2: Build a Token Launcher with AirSwap

Prize Bounty

Challenge Description

This bounty challenges you to do just that. Build a token launcher that lets a seller deploy an onchain peer and set a rule to sell up to a certain amount of tokens at a certain price. For buyers, there should be a way to browse and participate in launches.

There is a PeerFactory available, which our team will deploy beforehand that your submission may use rather than directly deploying contracts within the application. Otherwise, the tokens must be ERC-20, and both Peer and PeerFactory are currently only suitable for testnet use.

Check out the Onchain Peer documentation.

Creating tokens is one thing, launching them is another. This is a challenge that directly positively impacts the ability for the Ethereum ecosystem to grow as more tokens come online. We welcome you to be creative and look forward to your work!

Read more on Using AirSwap Technology and the Consumer Token Framework to Complete a Token Sale.

Brand Guidelines

Join on Gitcoin to Participate

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