Join the Swap Beta

Help us build a decentralized token trading ecosystem

Today we’re proud to introduce the Swap token and beta release program.

Swap was inspired by a clear need for decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralization allows individuals to exchange value in a “trustless” way, without middlemen. Peer-to-peer allows users to trade directly with each other, effectively avoiding many of the limitations of blockchain-based order books.

To solve these problems, we’re developing services to help you find tokens, set prices, and make trades. The Swap token will give you access to these services for a simple, liquid token trading experience. We’ll be launching the Swap token later this year.

The first 500 people to participate in the beta will receive exclusive access to an allocation of Swap tokens for helping out.

Update: We’ve filled out our beta group and have closed sign ups! Many thanks to those who joined us. If you’d still like to be up-to-date on Swap, please join our mailing list:

Based on some great discussions and feedback from the community, we’ve expanded our protocols and published an updated whitepaper:

Here’s a demo of a simple token shopping app running in Status and using the new protocols:

You can always reach us at for questions, comments, or interest. If you’re an experienced engineer looking for a challenge, check us out at

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