Phil Daian of IC3 joins Swap as Technical Advisor

Swap is proud to announce that Phil Daian, a highly respected blockchain expert, will be joining the team as a technical advisor.

Phil is a researcher focusing on smart contract security at IC3 (The Initiative for Crypto Currencies & Contracts), a collaborative initiative that is advancing blockchain technology and smart contracts in order to develop the financial systems of tomorrow. In addition, Phil is Head of Smart Contract Strategy at Runtime Verification, a leading developer of source code analyzers and software quality tools.

Phil will advise Swap on security and smart contract best practices. “Decentralized exchange is a very promising space,” said Daian. “I look forward to working with the Swap team to review the security of their system and identifying potentially hard foundational problems and their solutions.”

Phil’s experience in blockchain security and auditing code contracts will be crucial for Swap as it continues to develop its technology.

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