The AirSwap Roadmap

Don Mosites
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3 min readNov 16, 2017


The AirSwap token launch was a vital milestone for the project and one of many milestones to come. AirSwap was designed to provide privacy, security, and choice on a global, peer-to-peer trading network, and we’re pleased to share our plans to get us there.

Token Launcher (10/10)

The release of our token and exchange contracts and implementation of our core protocol to launch the AirSwap token demonstrates that we build technology that can support a global token launch. Our launcher is a Web application that makes it easy for registered buyers to purchase tokens, which you can see in action below.

The process of signing in, requesting, and filling an order.

As we implement more of the Swap protocol, and turn our design into a reality, the reach and strength of our network will grow. The following roadmap builds on and replaces the previous release roadmap to add context and structure. That timeline still holds.

Going everywhere

Our objective is to bring tokens everywhere. That means providing tools and services that make it easy for people to access the tokens they desire wherever they happen to be, both for consumers and professionals. This will take three key components: liquidity as provided by market makers, connectivity between traders, and reach provided by network partners.

Token Trader (Q4)

Equip market makers for a world of peer-to-peer.

This is an end-to-end implementation of the Swap Peer and Oracle protocols to develop network liquidity. This means having counter parties available to trade and a frontend through which traders can request and fill orders. Our implementation is operating internally and includes market makers, message routing infrastructure, and a Web frontend through which orders can be requested and filled. We are currently finalizing the infrastructure and refining the UX for internal review this week. Once complete, we will share the rollout schedule for remainder of the quarter.

Token Marketplace (Q1)

Make peer-to-peer the obvious choice for decentralized token exchange.

This is an end-to-end implementation of the Swap Indexer protocol to develop network connectivity. This means having multiple counter parties on the platform, actively adjusting intent to trade, and a dashboard through which traders can discover, connect, and make trades. The Indexer and dashboard are in development, which we will report on in future progress updates.

Partner Network (Q2)

Prove the power of a global peer-to-peer trading network.

We will open the Indexer to support partners who wish to integrate decentralized token trading into their applications, which will develop network reach. This means having multiple counter parties on the platform, available through both our dashboard and throughout partner properties. We are in active discussions with prospective partners today, and it’s never too early to reach out to us to embrace the power of tokens in your applications.

What’s next

With our development framework and objectives in hand, we’ll publish ongoing updates to detail our progress. Thank you for your confidence in our team and vision. We firmly believe that a strong token trading network, providing liquidity, connectivity, and reach, will position AirSwap to fully support the new token economy and its potential for unbounded growth.



Don Mosites

Co-Founder at @airswap, Co-Founder at @fluidityio