Trade 4.25

AirSwap is going live on April 25, 2018.

When we set out to decentralize token trade almost a year ago, the vision was simple: decentralization through peer-to-peer. This is the founding principle of our design and truly embraces the power of blockchain.

After having refined our protocol, built the initial platform, launched our token, and operated a trading environment for professionals and consumers alike, we now have the pieces in place to present the realization of our vision.

The components of trade — custody, execution, and settlement — were decentralized with the advent of bitcoin. To introduce centralized services in any one of these three functions is to introduce risk and limitation. With AirSwap, all three are decentralized.

Our service is essentially a searchable bulletin board, that allows those looking to trade tokens to announce that they’re trading and where they can be found. Anyone can come in and take a look at the board, connect to a counter-party, and make a peer-to-peer trade.

This creates a secure, free-form network of liquidity provided by market makers, connectivity provided by our search engine, and reach across many frontends and applications running on many devices.

We’ve set the stage and are excited to share. Next week we enter a new era of trade and welcome you to join us on April 25th.