Has it really been a year?

Time flies (sometimes).

It’s hard to believe a year has nearly passed since I last wrote a posting here on medium. I’ve been meaning to use this platform more often but I just haven’t found the time to come back and write (or type).

My life has been ever more focused on three key pillars — family, work (zola), and fitness (running). Everything else that doesn’t fit into those pillars tend to fall wayside unless they’re quick and easy. I adopted this notion a few years ago to help prioritize activities/tasks in my life and to some degree it’s helped.

Recapping 2017 …

  • Launched Zola Weddings in April 2017 — I hope to write more about this over on the Zola Tech medium publication one of these days but this was a blast to execute on. There’s nothing like the feeling of creating and launching a new product or startup. In this case — a new product to add to the Zola lineup. It’s been an amazing four years thus far and it’s only the beginning here at Zola.
  • Ran 5 marathons — including three world majors: Queens Marathon in March, Big Sur Marathon (bucket list) in April, Berlin Marathon in late Sept, 2nd Chicago Marathon in early October, and then my 4th NYC Marathon in early Nov.
  • Speaking of running, it’s become ever more a part of my life as I even completed a running streak of 100 days. It was originally supposed to be 37 days as part of a Runner’s World challenge but I ended up extending it well into the summer. I don’t know if I will start another streak as I have several other running goals I’d like to first accomplish but you never know
  • Berlin Marathon in Sept also gave us the opportunity to take a short week vacation in Germany which was a blast. If you know me, you know that I can’t stand flying. This typically limits how much I want to leave the country but going to Berlin was most definitely worth it. I am certainly getting better about flying but I’m still by no means of fan of it.
  • Growing up — my engineering team that is. Our success these last four years has translated into tremendous growth for the Zola Tech/Engineering Team (I’ve been thinking about changing Zola Tech to Zola Engineering so we’ll see…). If you’re a 1. Software Engineer 2. interested in working in a fast-paced startup; 3. into ecommerce or the wedding space (or even if you’re not sure); 4. into working on cool, fun, hard s/w development/architecture/infrastructure problems then drop me a line. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work here and I’m extraordinarily proud of the team we’ve put together — more to come in 2018 that’s for sure!

there’s more but those are the big highlights thus far. More importantly, I hope to be sharing my insight and stories and useless verbiage on medium more and more. It’ll probably bore you to tears but hopefully some of it might be interesting.