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taking a short break from running

I’ll be honest.

I’m slightly bummed writing this note if only because I was getting back into a nice rhythm with my running routine again.

The early days of the pandemic made it hard for me to stay motivated but as the weather got much warmer and the days got longer, I started finding myself again. However deep down inside I also realized I may have come back too soon and too fast — especially putting together a running streak when my core mileage wasn’t quite stabilized. As a result, I started experiencing right hip/lower back pain over the last two weeks which made simple activities such as sitting or walking the dogs quite annoying to almost downright painful at times.

After some testing, I traced the likely root cause to piriformis syndrome in my right butt — the cause of which was probably a combination of too much sitting during the day/night (due to work from home) as well as too much running too soon combined with a poor gait. Some figure four rolling over the last two days has definitely helped a great deal but ultimately I thought it was better to take a short break from running to allow my hamstrings and butt to recover. Hence my running streak ended a couple of days ago. A bummer but certainly necessary.

This morning I thought it would be good to do a legs workout at home — a combination of squats and lunges. No big deal right?

Well until it was. I felt a pop in my left hip abductor during one of my lunge sets and immediately knew something was wrong. I quickly shot up and put myself down on the couch to alleviate any pressure on my groin area. A few minutes of resting and stretching afterwards made me realize I probably suffered a grade 1 to 2 tear. I’m guessing I’d be in much more pain if I had a grade 3 muscle tear. In any case there is some mild pain and discomfort while walking and stretching which ultimately means I’m out of commission for at least several days to perhaps several weeks.

Deep down inside I know this is the right thing to do but it just sucks. Running has become such a part of who I am and when I don’t run, I just feel … well blah. So I’m bummed but I will take this time to recover and come back stronger in both my legs (and butt). Who knows — maybe it’s a good time to start another whole 30 again while I’m at it.




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