While I harbor no ill will towards 2016, it’s still nice to think it’s a brand new year. With that said, here are some things I look forward to:

  • Cleaning up and downsizing the home (we’ve started doing this already during the Christmas and New Year holiday break). Perhaps this is better described as trying to reduce and minimize. While I’m not fully embracing the whole minimalism ideal (you should definitely watch that thought-provoking Netflix show called “Minimalism”), it’s nice to clear out the things you really do not need and I’ve got a lot to clear out
  • Brand new running goals. 2016 was pretty amazing for me. I knocked off 4 marathons (Los Angeles, Queens, Chicago and of course NYC), and 1 more ultra (the NYC 60K). So what’s in store for 2017? I’m gunning for at least 5 marathons (Queens, Big Sur, Berlin, Chicago, and NYC) and possibly contemplating a 6th with SF (I ran SF back in 2015). After NYC, there’s that 2 week gap before the NYC 60K.. so I’m considering a third ultra if my body isn’t a wreck by then. We’ll see. I’d like to also try and do a trail race at some point but we’ll see. My overall mileage goal for 2017 is 2017 miles but we’ll see if that’s achievable given the number of marathons I’m shooting for.
  • Amazing WORK! One of my mantras for the last decade has been “Go BIG or Go Home”. I have no intention on going home so I’m going to continue going BIG. There’s some really cool stuff coming for 2017 so stay tuned on that front! Along the way, I hope to continue learning and growing — seeing how I can be a better leader but also a better developer. There’s just so much out there so never stop learning and never stop going BIG!
  • Finally, continued balance. I’ve come to embrace the three pillars in my life — Family, Work, Fitness. More so than ever — these are the three things that are most important to me. I intend on keeping that up and staying sane by focusing on those three pillars.

Happy New Year everyone!