Why You Need Mobile app development for your Real Estate Business?

Richa Sharma
Jun 20, 2019 · 4 min read

Advancement in technology opens up tremendous opportunities for growth in the real estate business. With an increasing number of mobile users, more and more realtors are shifting their focus to take leverage of Mobile Application Design & Development.

Today, more than one-fifth of people are using real estate mobile application to buy, sell and research properties. This is the reason why the property search on mobile apps has increased by 120 %. Gone are the times, when people used to go after one broker to another to get the best for properties. But now, times have changed thoroughly. The only thing you need is a swipe on the various Listings available on a real estate mobile application.

How Real Estate Industry Benefits from Mobile App Development?


Real estate mobile application development allows real estate agents to utilize the vast online users by meeting their needs in a more suitable manner. This, in turn, saves the time and money of customers seeking properties.

Real-time Information

Get real-time information in the form of new listings (MLS), client communication and other transaction-related updates in a simpler way. It hence improves communication which leads to better customer service.

GPS makes it Easier

GPS or global positioning system allows users to easily find the exact place of the listed property. This allows real estate agents to accurately post the properties on the database which results in user convenience as users can easily find the place of the listing.

Remote Work

With a custom software development solution like an app, you can work from anywhere. The only thing you require is an internet connection, a laptop and cloud services for sharing emails. With this, agents can directly send marketing materials to the clients on an email.

Features to Include in Your Real Estate Mobile App

1. MLS/IDX Integration

Internet data exchange is the basic industry standard which allows the exchange of any Multi Listing Service (MLS) data. Any successful real estate app must have this integration. For this, ask your Mobile Application Development Company to allow large database listings to be added to it.

2. Database Listing & Listing Pages

Database listings include information like Property description, Images of property, tax history, and its approximate home value. The information can be fetched by sellers and buyers. As a real estate agent or a business, this is exactly what you want.

3. Listing Syndication

While developing an application, make sure you make a system for updating the listings which will allow both buyers and sellers to see the most updated information. Thus make sure you have a provision for incorporating it in your website database.

4. Robust Search

A large amount of data available on the website or application would provide a smooth flow of results. For this, ask your Mobile App Development Company in UK to include features like Filters (location, state, city, pin code).

5. Social Media Integration

Social media is extremely important if you wish to take your business to new heights. Instead of publishing content separately, you would find it more convenient if all your social media platforms are linked to one other.

6. Mapping Feature

Ask your mobile app developer to include mapping feature which along with the GPS feature can provide accurate results. Now get to your destination with a real estate mobile app design, designed specifically for you.

7. Comparison Feature

Get a comparison between similar properties available. This, in turn, will allow your potential customers and website users to understand the true cost of the property. Constantly updating the properties could allow your app to get sure shot success.

Some Other Important Features

• VR Tours

Virtual Reality has the potential to change the Real estate business to a great extent. The revolutionary feature which includes Virtual Reality Tours allows your future clients to see how they would feel in their future homes.

• Mortgage Calculator

Your mobile application can be linked to banks which will provide them with all the necessary information like interest rates based on timings. Your app can allow users to input a home price, and loan terms and accordingly an interest rate could be shown to them.

• Virtual Signatures

You can save time and effort and the hassles of paperwork while purchasing a new property or even renting it. Thus a Virtual signature feature could be incorporated by creating a validating system that recognizes digital signatures.

Wrapping Up

Real estate app development plays a crucial role in making your business reach new heights. This requires a trustworthy and capable real estate mobile app development company, which can include all your necessary features and make your dream come to a reality.

Have a mobile app development requirement? Contact Fluper and book a free consultation now.

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