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The Scalable Blockchain Database

Blockchain, Meet Database.

Here at Fluree, we’re excited to announce our launch of FlureeDB, a scalable blockchain database that combines the interoperability and features of traditional Graph and Document databases with blockchain technology to provide enterprise-grade, developer-ready, cloud database tools.

We know what you’re thinking: “Okay… so another blockchain company, in a thread of a million, swarming to fill the space everyone is excited about.” Let us highlight a few key features that we think make this product one-of-a-kind:

1. Bridging the blockchain utility gap with “Composite Blockchain Consensus”

Here is a common theme among enterprises today: as excited as businesses across multiple industries are about blockchain technology, they see no tangible method of integrating it into their business applications without compromising internal data or accruing costly overhead. Navigating the boundary between internal transactions and public ledgers adds too much complexity (and overhead cost) to the business process. The majority of business transactions don’t necessarily require a public ledger so an all-encompassing blockchain database has been impractical or impossible.

FlureeDB solves this by adding Composite Consensus, in which each database can operate on different blockchain consensus levels, thus allowing data to be verified and secured according to the nature of the transaction. Low-consensus needs (internal transactions) transact very rapidly, while high-consensus needs leverage the benefits of decentralized, public record and verification. FlureeDB’s query allows joins across multiple DBs, so multiple consensus DBs can be queried as a single DB system.

FlureeDB was built to bring the benefits and utility of blockchain technology directly to any organization that is in need of a higher level of transactional security and data immutability. FlureeDB’s flexible sharding and deployment of multiple blockchains creates a wide range of use-cases for organizations that are vying to disrupt their industry with the power and utility of blockchain.

2. Immutable data store

FlureeDB has been able to harness and expose the power of immutability, making data virtually impossible to manipulate. This allows decentralized applications to guarantee data integrity, resist censorship, and defend completely against manipulation.

FlureeDB builds each database transaction into a block of time, creating a central blockchain.

3. Acts as multiple database types simultaneously; Query as one

As new databases enter the developer world, the learning curve associated with new query languages frustrates the developer and costs the organization time and money. Fluree DB maintains the ability to act and materialize as multiple database types simultaneously: a graph database, document database, and an event log.

4. Rich Permissioning

FlureeDB’s flexible permission model provides rich access capability directly inside the database — no need to write or integrate an application to handle permission logic.

Paired with immutability and decentralization, rich permissioning provides a hassle-free, flexible model that can solve complex, relational permission needs down to an entity + attribute level, making the database suitable for a broad set of business applications.

5. Frictionless scaling, rapid query

FlureeDB was built to power enterprise-grade applications to massive scale without compromising query latency — by separating query from the blockchain transactor, FlureeDB enables query to scale horizontally with consistent single-digit millisecond response times.

6. Time as a major data asset

FlureeDB merges blockchain technology with time-oriented transaction and query features: It builds transactions into chained blocks — each block representing a moment in time.

FlureeDB’s powerful query engine allows queries to yield a snapshot of the database at any point in time. We call this feature time-travel.

7. An intersection of cutting-edge technologies

Big things are happening in the data and computing world: Blockchain technology reduces operational inefficiencies by using a verified network to transact protected data. The Cloud ensures a consistent, continuous, and real-time backup of accurate information. Databases that use Graph and Document capabilities are providing more efficient ways to store, transact and query information. FlureeDB lies at the intersection of these technologies to provide database technology equipped to handle the diverse and complex data needs of enterprise-grade applications.

A few key features:

  • ACID Compliant
  • Built in Permission Model
  • Rich Query
  • Time Travel
  • Immutable, Tamper Resistant
  • Censorship Resistance
  • Scalable and Fast
  • Built-in partitioning
  • Multiple sharding and joins to act as a single DB
  • Low Latency
  • Cloud Hosted (Zero Management Overhead)

As a standalone database, FlureeDB is every app developer’s dream. Add the blockchain technology, and you’ve got a powerhouse on which to build, deploy, and scale highly secure applications for the modern, decentralized internet.

The FlureeDB Blockchain Database is the foundation for a low code, rapid deployment, decentralized application platform — but more on that later.

FlureeDB is free for beta use:

Want something more technical? Visit our docs.



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