Communications: The Power of Truth

The role of communications professionals has evolved over the past decade into an array of tasks — both crafting & disseminating internal and external messaging — demanding a more comprehensive list of duties and an even more comprehensive technology toolbelt to meet the needs of branding in the 21st century. With an ever-increasing dynamism to the communication, PR, marketing, and social media messaging fields, are there any principles that remain pillars? Yes: truth and transparency.

Although “communications” is a widely-brushed term that can’t describe the various, intricate, and often interweaving functions of a strategic communications department, it can be refined to three words: strategic brand messaging. A major component of this messaging involves keeping all stakeholders up-to-date with relevant and transparent information. No matter for which stakeholder, messaging that is accurate, consistent, and accessible remains a framework that will always drive positive brand association, whether it be in the PR, HR, crisis communications, corporate communications, investor relations, or internal communications space.

Technology may benefit these processes, but the most important way to communicate is the simple notion of truth. Truth is not just disseminating accurate information; it is an ongoing process of consistency, earnest commitment to honesty, and dependability. Brands of all sizes and industries see both short-term and long term benefits from practicing communication truth: higher engagement, conversion, and retainment of consumers to name a few.

Fluree Advocate supports accurate, efficient dissemination of information — messaging that communications professionals need to reach and engage thousands of employees and their trusted networks. Kick the old intranet out and empower your people to make authentic waves in their social media spaces.

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