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Kevin Doubleday
Jun 4 · 6 min read
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What is different about Fluree?

Fluree addresses data management from the philosophy that today and in the future companies and applications will need to leverage trusted, high-quality data from multiple sources.

“The world is evolving from static apps to platforms to ecosystems, and technology tools have not kept pace. Innovators have to force fit data management tools originally designed to build static apps, slowing down the evolution to data-driven ecosystems. Fluree has in place the mission, technology and road map necessary to serve a wide variety of industries as they transform through the next evolution of data management to a much more interconnected world.” — Dan Malven, 4490 Ventures

Beyond the Database

We’ve built the data management stack that fills traditional data management needs while enabling emerging technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain to thrive in a data-centric architecture:

Fluree Fits the Evolving Needs of Enterprise Data

  • Trusted Data Sharing: Bring trust to shared data. Fluree is the perfect toolkit for applications and data services that interoperate across business functions, third party entities, and governance contexts. With blockchain cryptography, optional decentralization, and configurable rules written directly to the ledger, Fluree checks off every box for smart, secure, and direct collaboration.
  • Microservices: Fluree provides a central source of shared truth for coordinating stability across disparate microservices. With the ability to freeze time to accommodate concurrent queries and the permission-at-the-source security model to bypass extra security layers, Fluree is the data source every microservice architecture needs.
  • AI/ML: Fluree provides AI technologies with higher-quality data (full historical context, immutable & tamper-proof) and a better way to access it (graph query for sophisticated analysis, multi-source query to broaden access and depth of knowledge).
  • Data Management for Public/Private Blockchains Deploying an application on Ethereum or Hyperledger has its benefits — until an application needs to store and leverage data in a unified format. Running Fluree as the data store alongside public or enterprise blockchains allows for a complete and integrative blockchain solution.
  • SaaS — Highly variable user rates and traits have led to an explosion in the API economy. Fluree is a better option — introspective queries provide smarter, structured responses and embedded data permissions guarantee users will never have access to data not intended for them.
  • The Semantic Web — The Semantic Web proposes the use of standardized data tagging and formatting, allowing the open web as we know it to become a library of data for machines to directly access. This standards adoption provides a common framework for data to be linked and leveraged across enterprise and community boundaries.

    By natively adopting W3C standards (RDF triples and SPARQL query language support), Fluree is positioned to be the semantic web’s data store of choice.

The Fluree Vision


  • Data Manipulation Costs Trillions — Auditing and related anti-fraud practices cost Trillions, but don’t mathematically solve data manipulation. With Fluree, you can provide a complete audit trail for every piece of data, including its originator, its timestamp, its updates, and every third party app that has touched it. No wonder why Ideablock, an IP database startup has chosen Fluree as its backbone.
  • Data Should Have Integrity — Our government records, land title information, stockholder agreements, electronic document signatures, beneficiary information, and more, should all have indisputable integrity. If we can trust data, we can get back to moving forward in society and spend less time in audits & litigation.

What is different about Fluree, the company?

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Fluree PBC

Fluree, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation that offers a decentralized platform for enterprises to create better, more efficient software applications and a blockchain database that securely powers them to scale.

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Fluree PBC

Fluree, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation that offers a decentralized platform for enterprises to create better, more efficient software applications and a blockchain database that securely powers them to scale.