Why Your Company Needs an Employee Advocacy Program

According to Gallup, up to 87% of employees worldwide hate their job, and it’s not their fault. The culture behind working at anything other than a forward thinking start-up is to show up, work, and leave. Don’t put in the extra effort, don’t strive to become a better employee, just do what is expected and nothing else. People are becoming accustomed to being disenfranchised from their company and their work early on, setting a precedent for a new workforce coming in.

Engaging employees is no simple task: it requires a developed idea of what your company stands for and what they should be working towards. Giving employees a tangible goal provides a shared interest between them and the company.

You may think that disengaged employees are something you can live with: it may not be preferable but as long as they get their work done they are still doing their job. What you may not have known is that in the US alone, “not engaged” employees cost businesses $450 — $550 Billion, PER YEAR. You can’t afford not to engage your employees.

How do you engage your employees beyond offering minimal incentives or providing a goal? You inspire them: no one works harder or is more dedicated to performing to the best of their ability than the inspired. And inspiring them is not as difficult as you would think. With the explosion of social media the past decade and the surge of millennials entering the workforce, everyone wants a job they can be proud of, and more specifically, tell their friends about it on social media.

Encourage everyone in your company to promote your company and any positive news associated with your company on social media. Here are a few reasons why:

1.) Increases engagement

Having your employees engaged provides them with a feeling of worth and a sense that their work is actually helping move the company forward. This in turn will create a happier and more friendly work environment, keeping employees more than content with their job. Ultimately this will end up saving you a lot of the money that disengaged workers are costing you.

2.) Boosts your employer brand

An employer brand is something most HR departments don’t consider, but the benefits go on and on. The happier HR departments are, the more they will want to talk about their employer, and the more positive word of mouth marketing they will produce. This creates more opportunities for potential applicants or clients to hear positive news about your company.

3.) Amplifies Social Media Marketing

Companies pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to promote their products on social media, and most people see that promotional material as spam. The trick is to get your employees to post it for you. If they are happy with their job and their company, then they will promote your message and content for free, saving you a tremendous amount of money all while delivering trustworthy messages to their social connections.

4.) Increases Awareness

You always want a positive word of mouth network associated with your brand to provide referral leads and applicants. Whether you need to generate more business and sell more product, or receive more applications; having a large network of consumers who are not only aware of your company, but have organically heard positive things about it is the best marketing strategy you can have.