40+ Top App Ideas For Startups In 2021 — Latest Updated

Searching for the million dollar app idea to become the next big app of the market? Here’s the list of 40+ innovation app development ideas that you should look for!

Sophia Martin
Oct 21, 2020 · 24 min read
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In 2021, roughly there will be 7 billion mobile users and projected to spend an average of 90% of the time on mobile apps. With the increasing usage of mobile apps, undoubtedly, applications have already become an integral part of everyone’s life in recent years. From shopping, booking a doctor, attending fitness classes, ordering groceries to book a restaurant table, literally, everything is available at the tips of your fingers.

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If you are still in doubt whether investing a mobile application will be a worthy decision for your startup or not, then you must have a look over these market statistics:

Key Figures of Mobile App Development Usage and Revenue

  • The forecast from the reports, reveals that average smartphone users install 60–90 apps and use one app on daily bases and usually spending 2 hours 15 minutes on mobile applications.
  • According to the source, by 2022, app store consumer spending is projected to increase by 92% to $157 billion worldwide.
  • App users spend 77% of their time on top three applications whereas the rest of the time is split into other ten trending applications.
  • 87% of users check their phone at least for one hour before they sleep and 69% of those users used to check within 5 minutes before sleep.
  • 75% of apps are open once and users never come back, so it is important to have a billion app idea and make it developed smartly to deliver the excellent user experience.
  • On an Average 100,000 new Android Apps are released in the Google Play Store every month that is three times greater than the apps published in Apple App Store.
  • Consumers downloaded 204 billion apps in 2019 and during this lockdown that numbers are quickly touching the sky.
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To conclude these statistics, it is safe enough to say that the coming year of 2021 is going to transform the mobile app development industry. There are thousands of applications have been already started rolling out in the market every day, and those numbers are keep growing with the time and offering ever-growing business opportunities for startups.

However, remember that achieving business success through a mobile app is not as easy as rolling out with the million-dollar mobile app development idea. Since the number of apps are launching on multiple app stores, therefore the level of the competition is also increasing and making it tough for startups to survive in the market.

So here are the few innovative mobile app development ideas that definitely assure success to startups in 2021.

40+ Brilliant Mobile App Development Ideas For Startups in 2021

A startup is all about the new idea but coming up with the innovative app development idea is not an easy task. So after analysing the mobile app development trends, its usage and revenue, some of the ideas are gathered here for startups planning to invest in mobile apps in 2021:

Business Apps Ideas:

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1. Augmented Reality For eCommerce Apps

According to the survey, it has been estimated that by 2021, US eCommerce mobile sales will eclipse by $420 billion, and 82% of Internet users in the US will shop online in the near future.

However, you can take these statistics to another level by merely developing an ecommerce app embedded with Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. It is a unique technology that quickly flips the environment around you and takes you to the digital interface by simply combining the virtual objects in the real world information and in real-time.

The perfect example of Augmented Reality is “Pokemon Go” Game that was introduced in 2016, but you can go beyond this with the help of AR technology. And the ideal option is to build an eCommerce app based on Augmented Reality that helps users to try anything virtually, right from room decor, clothes, makeup to jewellery.

Keeping in mind the future needs of the users, it is strongly suggested to deploy this technology in various kinds of mobile applications related to shopping, marketing, medical industries and more.

2. AI-Based Chatbots

Improve your customer relations by simply providing an instant solution to their queries. With the increasing competition in the market, users have bundles of options to choose from, so they never wanted to wait for your reply longer while visiting your app or site. So in that case, AI-driven Chatbots will help you answer their queries right away and add live chat support to your app.

According to the studies, 30% of customer support costs can be saved in business with the Chatbots, and more than 50% of users are preferring to interact with companies that are 24/7 open.

The best part about integrating the live chat to your app is that they can be conducted without any need for human interactions and never get exhausted while interacting with several queries.

3. On-Demand Apps

Undoubtedly, on-demand applications are quickly revolutionizing the things and reshaping the world around us. Whether it’s about taxi booking, hiring a professional, finding the best salon, or finding the handyman, On-demand applications have become a hot topic of the town.

According to the latest PWC report, the on-demand mobile app market will reach a value of $335 billion by the year 2025. Besides, on-demand users spend on an average $57.6 billion annually and provide great business opportunities to the startups in 2021.

No matter in which sector you are planning to invest in, on-demand apps can be developed in multiple domains and can be embedded with various technologies to make it run smoothly on different platforms.

Medical & Fitness Apps:

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4. Homemade Medical Remedy App

There comes a time in life, when you miss your grannies’ homemade medical remedies. Well, no matter whether your ancestors are currently with you or not, but still you can get the precious access to remedies available for the multiple health problems. All you need is a good app development company that can easily understand your app idea and be able to convert it into a practical, reliable solution.

However, make sure that your app solution must have a feature to suggest ancestral remedies based on geographical and cultural areas. Your mobile app should be created in a way that suggests proper medication based on location, symptoms and age of the user. And it would be a great option to add a button “Call the Doctor” for quick access in case of urgency.

5. Health Tracking and Food Planning App

Now the apps can help you check your health every day and keep track of your meals to evaluate what you should consume to remain healthy. Moreover, you can expand the features of this app, by simply adding multiple food tips, easy-to-make recipes or low-carb diet food suggested by the professionals to achieve certain health goals.

Allow users to choose from multiple food plans that best suits their health situation. And to take your app to the next level, you can partner with the grocery stores to deliver all the ingredients as per the recipe.

Rest you can look for the best software development company that can help you customize the app with the proven methodologies and emerging technologies.

Food & Restaurant Apps:

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6. On-Demand Food Delivery App

Indeed, the food industry is already flooded with on-demand food delivery apps, but every app has some unique features to offer you. Food delivery apps like DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub are already leading the industry.

However, with an annual growth rate of 7.5% and future projected market of $136,431 billion by 2024, the food delivery industry is undoubtedly throwing ever-growing business opportunities to the startups.

You just need to take a few steps ahead to make your app successful in the market.

For example, you can add the feature to customise the dish with your choice of ingredients, and then it is prepared from the preferred restaurant. Secondly, you can hire app developer that helps in listing various restaurants according to the location and food specification.

7. Book a Table

In this fast-paced life, where technology is at its boom, no one has time to wait outside their favourite restaurant to enjoy their weekend evening. That’s where you can provide a solution to the users by merely offering the mobile app that enables you to book a table in their choice of restaurant and at preferred time and day.

You can hire a mobile app development company that helps you make this app a little more interesting by adding a new range of features. It will be an ideal option to provide customer feedback, rating, reviews, images or 360-degree view of the restaurant to help users make a better choice.

Besides, you can also add the provision to grab special discounts and offers on food for early restaurant reservations. Features like these encourage users to make a booking of the table.

Education Apps:

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8. Share a Book

Are you looking for innovative app ideas in Edutech? Book sharing app can be an exclusive option for the book lovers. Keep in mind; not all book lovers are wealthy to buy a monthly membership of libraries and able to visit it so often. The idea of developing a book sharing app can make a day for book lovers.

Through this app, you can create a common platform, where people are happy to collect and share the books with the registered users. Besides, you can create categories of the book type, add a chat option, arrange meetings and conduct library meets etc.

Usually, Apple better supports such apps, so you can hire a mobile app developer to add a classic touch to the repository of e-books.

9. Find Online Tutor

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic wave has reshaped the entire education system and shifted traditional schools to online education platforms. That’s where many students are left in need of extra coaching help to cope up with their syllabus.

You can provide a perfect option to the students by creating an app that helps in finding the best tutors as per location, experience, skills, teaching specialities and per hour cost of teaching. The best part is, you can bring tutors and students at the same platform and cut down the risk of a middle man.

You can earn through this app, by charging a service fee every month through tutors or ask for the share of tuition fees.

Miscellaneous App Ideas:

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10. Dating Apps

Now gone are those days when finding a soulmate was the biggest challenge. With online dating apps, people are more comfortable and flexible in talking to new people and friends online.

With online dating segments projected to reach $2,725M in 2020 and an annual growth rate of 11.6%, it is clear that the online dating trend is growing at the fast-paced.

Considering the popularity and growth of the dating app, it is safe to say that an idea of creating a dating app is indeed. Since it is the need of tomorrow, therefore, it is worth hiring the mobile app development company that can help you customize this app with the unique features.

11. Finding Flexible Work Opportunities

There is no denying this fact that Covid-19 pandemic wave has shut down various brands and businesses and people left with no jobs. So developing a mobile app that offers flexible working opportunities for the number of people around the world can be a great idea.

You can create a common platform where both employers and job seekers come together and are able to assist each other in the best way. By listing various businesses — looking for the employees that can work for specific hours or on a contract basis, you can create multiple job opportunities for the jobless people. On the other side, you can allow job seekers to filter the opportunities as per the skills, experience and knowledge and ability to work as a remote worker.

12. Travel Planning App

The world is full of various eye-locking destinations, but everyone has their travel interest and budget. Exploring each location and evaluating it with your travel interest and budget is one of the time-consuming tasks. But with the travel plan app, allow users to get a wide choice of destinations that perfectly fit their travel choices.

With the help of a mobile app development company, you can create an app that provides complete travel packages, or suggest destinations as per the query of the users.

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13. Virtual Travelling Apps

At one side, COVID-19 pandemic has put a great pause on international and domestic travelling and caused a significant loss to the travel sector. On the other hand, Virtual travelling apps can open a door for new business opportunities. By leveraging the features and functionalities of the emerging technology (Virtual Reality), you can easily create virtual tour applications.

Developing a virtual tour app can be a great app idea for startups in 2021, as it allow travellers to keep in touch with their favourite destinations virtually. All you can do, add as many activities and destinations that perfectly quench the needs of the end-users.

14. Music and Song Recognition Application

Except leading song recognition apps like Shazam that already offer the wide choice of in-app functionalities ranging from quickly recognizing the songs to providing an option to watch it on YouTube.

But, you can take this concept to the next level by simply modifying the concept and adding the great feature of creating in-app music libraries and moving songs directly to the music streaming app on the iPhone.

To develop this type of application, you can use Machine learning and deep learning technology to collect a wide range of data and make it easier for the application to compare the audio clip to a huge online database.

Transforming this app idea is quite complicated therefore it is worth hiring mobile app developers that can easily understand your development needs and able to turn it into a practical solution.

15. Criminal Security Alert App

Everybody wants to stay protected and altered from the criminals around them. But, how will you get to know about the wanted criminals in their area and identify whenever they come close to one?

By developing a criminal security alert app, you can notify users about the wanted criminals in different locations along with the database of criminal activities mentioned by users and professionals.

In case, the user finds anyone, they can quickly press the alert button by holding the power key for 3 seconds. User information will be quickly shared with the police and they will immediately track the location through GPS.

16. FinTech Applications

FinTech is a unique blend of finance and technology that allow banking and financial institutes to manage and offer services that are on -demand, convenient and carried out in a real-time. Moreover, according to the survey reports, about $60 billion worth payments are made from mobile platforms and expected that 90% of smartphone users will start making payments through their device by 2021.

Fintech applications can be one of the trending app ideas in 2021 that helps you make money. All you need is to hire the right app development company that can leverage the best technologies like Blockchain for the app development solution.

17. Gift Delivering App

Are you away from your home and still want to make your special ones feel loved and remembered on special occasions? Don’t worry, a gift delivery application can allow users to deliver occasion-oriented gifts on special requests.

Users can select an item, pay for it and send it to a specific address. The best feature, you can integrate to this application is to add special deals and discounts on the orders and ensure 100% money-back guarantee if it fails to deliver the parcel on time.

18. Blockchain and IoT Security Enhancing Apps

With the increasing crime rates, everyone is taking maximum security and safety measures to keep their belongings safe. Whether its a shop owner or the general public, people are widely using security devices and systems controlled by Wi-Fi. Right from answering the people at the door, sensing the activities of the locker/safe to view the camera footage, all can be easily done through a smartphone.

However, you can increase the security to the next level by merely integrating Blockchain and IoT technology to your app. Developing apps with these technologies can be a great idea but it is important to hire app developer to create a winning app solution.

19. Virtual Shopping App With AR

Have you ever imagined that you can try and buy your favourite clothes without even going to the stores? Yes, now with Augmented Reality technology it is possible to develop an ecommerce store where users can choose to buy clothes from a wide range of collection and virtually try it on to know what style will fit them better. With this app, users can save plenty of time that they usually spend in stores and waiting in the queue to get a chance to enter the changing room.

However, the success of the app is depending upon the interface of the application and what features you integrate into the application. To build a flawless application, it is better to collaborate with the mobile app development company that can understand the changing demands of the market and be able to deliver the perfect solution.

20. Auto Answering App

Developing an auto-answering call is one of the simple app ideas in 2021 that help you make money. The basic concept of launching this auto-answering app is to provide the privilege to the users to allow their app to answer the call while driving, riding, bicycling or occupied doing something urgent.

The app will answer incoming calls when it rings or simply put it on speaker. So you can also keep it limited to just a few contacts or starred contacts and answering the specific calls automatically while your both hands are busy.

To make it highly functional and feature-rich, it is worth hiring mobile app developers that can build an app that syncs perfectly to your business needs.

21. Minimum Awesome Product Mobile App (MAP)

The MAP is another great app idea for startups in 2021 that can help you get started with minimum app functionalities and enables you to deliver an awesome experience for users.

Introducing this type of application can be an ideal option for startups if you are launching a product from an existing product category with various alternatives. Since MAP is developed with minimum functionalities, therefore, it is far easier to operate and simple to understand by the users.

You can also get feedback from the users about the products and be able to determine the area where such improvements are required to enhance the user experience.

22. Virtual Health Checkup App

Another app idea that can add a great success to your business is creating a Virtual Health Checkup App. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has significantly changed the way we keep track of our health records, therefore, launching an app that virtually monitors and interacts with patients at their home, facilitating communication between quarantined people and offering healthcare services can be a great idea for startups.

The virtual healthcare monitoring apps are using Artificial Intelligence over time to allow app development companies to locate the patients at higher health risk and require optimized care.

In addition, virtual healthcare apps are in high demand as COVID-19 has pushed everyone to follow a social distancing and restricting people from stepping out from the home. With this app, users can easily get connected with the healthcare experts and receive on-time treatment without leaving the comfort of the home and following the safety measures.

23. An App to Sell and Buy Products

Discarding unnecessary products from your existing space is one of the most complicated things. However, sometimes, the products that become useless to you may be an urgent need for others.

So startups can reap the best benefit of this idea and create a platform where both sellers and buyers come at the same platform and allow people to get rid of unnecessary things and helping others to find needed items at the cheapest price. And startups can make money by incorporating ads, providing super-fast yet secure delivery services, and using premium accounts to discover additional items available on heavy sale.

To deliver the best user experience, you can categorize the items under various sections, so users can easily discover in-app what they are actually looking for.

24. Motivational and Inspirational Idea App

The idea of creating an app that inspires users to do something unique and creative is one of the great ideas for startups.

People of all ages are curiously looking for new and inspirational ideas whether its about home interiors, styling, beauty, decorations or even party themes.

There are many talented people out there full of highly innovative ideas in various categories, so being a startup you can leverage the need of the hour. Create an app and provide the potential platform to the people sharing ideas with the users.

While the app development idea might sound simple and easy, but you need to make sure that the app has highly interactive, engaging and simple to understand app interface that keeps users glued for hours.

Rest you can hire a software development company that can suggest you best app strategies and functionalities that deliver a better user experience.

25. Use and Return App

There comes a time in life when you need such things for a certain period or for one-time. But many of you are afraid of spending such an expensive amount on buying that product. So it can be a great idea for startups to develop a platform that provides various options to borrow items. Whether it be for one-day or for a month, you can list items with the time flexibility.

For example, you want a baby stroller while going on a vacation, shoes to go on a date or having a rare book for reading on the weekend. Make sure the app has a GPS tracker feature so that a user could find the services nearby and the owner is able to track-back the user in case the product is not returned on time.

26. Top Chart Video Series Review App

There are a number of video streaming applications out there in a market flooded with multiple videos and leaving users in a dilemma which video they should watch at a particular time. The application is using Machine learning and deep learning to gather information about what type of movies or videos users search on the streaming applications and accordingly provide the top rating videos that perfectly syncs their interest area.

The app will provide reviews and rating of the videos, so users can quickly click on the top trending series and enjoy their time to the fullest.

Developing this type of app can be complicated, so it is a good decision to hire android app development company that can embrace the best features in an application.

27. Wine Guiding App

The winery industry is growing at an astonishing pace, but sometimes finding the best wine among various options is one of the challenging tasks for the users. That’s where a wine guiding app will assist users in choosing the perfect wine that fits their taste.

By scanning the label of the bottle through an app, users can get a full description of the product right from the year of production to the country of origin, what type of grapes are being used to make a wine to customer’s feedback. All this information will help users make a better wine-buying decision.

28. Innovative Business Tip App

Undoubtedly, to start any business, people need funds and efforts. But there is something beyond that!

Young entrepreneurs always find themselves in a tough situation and prefer to come to the platforms, applications and forums where they are able to get connected with the business experts and able to discuss business growth strategies, methodologies and techniques that help them create a successful business.

Creating an innovative business tip app can be one of the most promising app ideas for startups in 2021.

29. Online On-demand Consulting Application

Creating an On-demand consulting app is one of the most promising app ideas to make money in 2021. With the help of this app idea, you can develop a platform that provides a wide range of consulting services right from lawyers, psychology sessions, couple counselling, mental counselling, embassy representatives and more. Online consulting services not just help in saving time but also allow users to get services in real-time.

Since the counselling sessions are paid, therefore, you can add the provision of making an online payment by using the in-app payment gateway.

30. AR for Virtual Schooling

The global lockdown of COVID-19 has pushed the education system to virtual schooling and allow kids to have a safe and secure learning environment. With an AR virtual schooling app, teachers can share a link with kids via emails or web platform and create a virtual classroom and be able to interact with kids without any hassle.

While developing this app, you can create time-bound sessions that automatically get started and over at the right time.

This is one of the most demanding app development ideas that can help startups to kick start their business with a big bang.

31. App Suggesting Money Investment Ideas

When it comes to money investment, real estate is the most common area that strikes your mind first. But where else?

Instead of relying on the advice of any random person, it is worth providing a reliable platform to the investors where they can discover potential investment ideas by directly consulting with the market experts.

It can be one of the unique app development ideas that help investors to determine the investing areas depending upon the time and amount users are willing to invest in.

To make this app idea successful, make sure to hire the best mobile app developers and list various market experts, researchers and analysts that can better predict the market and are able to suggest risk-free investment plans.

32. Women Security and Alert App

While talking about women security and safety apps, most of the apps are limited to live location tracking and suggesting safe places. However, you can take this app idea to the next level by simply integrating the advanced level of features in it.

With the help of a software development team, you can develop an app blended with the features like:

  • Pressing the power button for 3 seconds to activate the alert button and sharing the user live location to the police control room.
  • Allowing users to list contact details of their loved ones to stay connected and protected.
  • Informing the safety level of the area to the contact list by showing different colours. Green, when a user has been securely reached to the final destination. Yellow, when the user is suspicious and red is for a high-security alert and when the user is in a danger zone.
  • You can add a voice recognition feature, that determines the consciousness of the user’s voice by simply sending words “help me”, “Save Me”, and more.

33. Tutor For You App

Finding a reliable tutor for the kids is one of the most challenging tasks for the parents. So creating a platform that help users to find the best tutor for their kids can be a brilliant app development idea for startups.

Develop an app that can help in finding tutors of various subjects, experience, location and fees. Also, you can provide the provision of hiring tutors on an hourly basis with monthly billing to make it a bit economical for parents.

Also, add the section for ratings, reviews and stars on the tutors profile so that users can make a quick decision. Also, you can add the section of assignments, classwork or homework to make it further functional.

34. Startup Management App

Starting a business is never being an easy task. It always required a proper team of experts who deeply analyse the market, determine the key competitors, establish a budget based on the project requirement and experts to market it at the right platform. Building a team of professionals is never an easy task as you need to focus on the startup and at the same time, you can devote a heavy amount of time on hiring a team of professionals.

That’s where a startup management app can help you build a team of professionals, market experts, identify the cost needed for investment and provide the database of the investors who are really interested in engaging in the project.

35. Bus Booking App

Whether you are planning a vacation with a group of 20 to 30 people for 2 to 3 days during a high time of the season or booking a seat for your regular commuting, a bus booking app will do everything for you.

Instead of developing two bus booking apps- one for holidays and one for regular travelling, it is worth hiring a mobile app developer that can leverage best technologies to customize the interface of the application and deliver the excellent user experience.

In the bus booking application, you can provide the options for booking a single-seat, multiple seats, mini-bus or whole bus for vacations. Imagine you reach at the last moment for the tickets and you find that the bus is already full. To avoid ruining your mood, the bus booking app will allow users to book their seats in advance.

You are suggested to hire flutter app developers for bus booking app development to create a cross-platform application by leveraging the best features of this leading framework.

36. Event and Party Planning App

The concept of developing an event and party planning app is quite similar to modern wedding planning apps. It can be a brilliant idea for startups in 2021 as this app will help users to hire the best event planner, musicians, decorators and more that enables you to manage an event under limited budget and gathering.

To make it highly functional, you can add the option of suggesting a different type of location for a destination wedding theme, gathering and budget. Also, since its event and party planning app idea, therefore it is not limited to wedding planning ideas.

Right from baby shower to birthday parties, new year parties to Christmas eves, users can access this app for any type of event and party.

The app idea might seem simple and easy to interpret, but developing just another ordinary app doesn’t make any sense. So it is worth hiring the software app developers with industry best knowledge and experience to develop a highly functional application.

37. Giveaway Application

The simple idea of developing this Giveaway application is to provide a platform where donors and receivers are available. This application is being used by all people who like getting rid of unnecessary stuff. And it can be anything right from old clothes, food, toys, books, furniture, inventory or even old bicycles.

Since, the end-user of this app can be a youngster, middle-age person or elderly, so keep the interface very simple and easy to access. You can also categorize the products by interest or age. Also, you can add the update button, through which users can get a list of recently added products.

For hassle-free assessment, you can add the search option so that users can easily sort the things according to location or category.

38. Housekeeper Finding App

Since new year and Christmas eve is just around the corner, everyone is gearing up to prepare their home for the festivals. To make it ready for the festive parties, users will start looking for the housekeeper that helps them prepare their home to host wonderful parties.

One of the biggest hassles users usually face during the peak time of the season is finding the housekeepers that can easily handle the task. So developing a housekeeping finder app can be a great idea for the startups.

Make sure that the app can offer a number of services you need including cooking, house cleaning, dog walking, dusting, painting, gardening and more. Also, it is important that listed service providers are thoroughly background checked and ensuring safe and secure services.

39. Product Authenticity Checking App

It is common to find a product with an attractive packing on the shelf of the mall, but how to detect whether it is original or a first copy?

Spending a huge amount of bugs on just a replica is totally waste. So startups can develop an app that helps users check the authenticity of the product by simply scanning the barcode of the product. By using machine learning technology, you can easily gather the huge amount of information available on the internet and help users in buying original products without any hassle.

40. Find Me a Parking Space App

Big cities are overwhelmed with the heavy traffic and number of cars, therefore, finding the parking space in the malls or markets is one of the challenging tasks for the drivers. That’s where “find me a parking space app” help users to book a parking space and let you know the parking prices as per the parking hours.

41. Toy Exchanging App

It is true that children quickly get bored of playing with their same toys and move on to the next toy as they grow. So developing toy exchanging app can be one of the brilliant ideas for the startup in 2021.

Basically the target audience of this app will be NGOs and Parents, that can exchange the toys as per the appropriate age of the kid.


No matter which app idea you choose to develop, the success of the app actually lies in the skills of the app development team and their experience that they embedded in the development process. Sometimes even a high-end mobile app with complex functionalities fails to reach the targeted audience, whereas a simple yet mindfully developed app hits the market so hard and lures more customers.

So the only difference is, how a mobile app development company will transform your business idea into the final product. So, if you find any idea in this list that suits to your business requirement or you have any app idea in mind that you would like to market, but not sure from where to get started, then you can Contact Us or drop a query below.


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