60+ Best & Simple Mobile App Ideas That Will Make Money For Startups In 2021

Sophia Martin
May 11, 2020 · 33 min read

Undoubtedly, mobile applications have become a synonym of growth and making it complicated for businesses without apps to grow further in the future. From startups to leading enterprises, everyone is getting their dedicated mobile apps to lure more customers through a mobile device. But, do you really think launching an app is as easy as it seems?

If you think that launching an app is just a matter of choosing the best app development technologies, methodologies, and features, then you might be mistaken. According to the research report of Statista, there are over 5 million applications already available on the respective platforms. In that case, how would you make your app stand out from the crowd?

Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/276623/number-of-apps-available-in-leading-app-stores/
Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/269025/worldwide-mobile-app-revenue-forecast/

Remember that time, when people say, “I wish there will be an app for this”, but now the time has come when you can make any app that anyone could imagine. All you need is the million-dollar app development idea and a good software development company that can add life to your app idea.

However, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is clearly one sector that is in urgent need of innovative mobile applications. And that is the healthcare sector, where all health tech organizations, startups, and even patients are looking for smart ways to keep track of their health.

60+ Trending App Ideas That Can Change the World in 2021

Let’s divide these 60+ apps into various categories and unlock the app ideas in each segment and learn how these apps can bring a great improvement in the world…

Most Innovative App Ideas for 2021:

1. Anti-Sosho App

Are you one of those who always hate to attend parties or find yourself alone even in the parties? This app idea is a perfect solution for them!

Develop an AntiSocho app with plenty of features that not only help users to stay busy and entertained with your app but also enables them to engage others in their activity.

Let’s find out how?

Phase A— Add Interesting Games in It

Instead of adding all those boring fighting games or candy crush games, this time offers something new yet attractive to the users. Allow users to scan the party area through the app, and then the app will give a task to take an exit from the virtual party. But there’s a twist in the app! By using AR technology, games will form virtual obstacles for the users and level up the interest of the user.

Phase B: Add Interesting Discussion Topics

What if you want to interact with someone at the party, but you are clueless about where you should start a topic and what to discuss?

That’s where an AntiSocho app will help you get started with the discussion by suggesting various exciting topics. By entering your age, interest or event type, the user will get topic suggestions.

Phase C: Suggesting Filters for Pictures

By entering the type of event in the app, users will get different AR-based highly interactive filters that not only help users to click wonderful party pictures but also enable you to get connected with others in the party.

Pro Tip: While this app idea includes so many features, so make sure to hire a team of developers that can help you keep the app interface simple, engaging and attractive.

2. Weather 0.2 App

You might find several weather apps in the market, but that is only limited to weather forecasts. But, Weather 0.2 App idea is a new breeze for the startups!

Here’s how!

Phase A: Add Weather Update

Design an app in a way that can easily forecast weather reports and update users even if there is a sudden change in a weather forecast and let them know how severe it will be.

Phase B: Add Music/ Playlist

Allow users to enjoy a playlist according to the weather. If it’s raining, then users will get a list of songs that they want at that time.

Phase C: Suggesting Nearby Places

What if, the weather turned to be stormy? That’s where an app should suggest nearby places that help users to stay safe, protected and comfortable.

Phase D: Add Food Delivery Option

What if a user is stuck somewhere for long hours due to bad weather? Add an in-app feature of food delivery that serves weather-specific food items.

Pro Tip: To develop this app, make sure to collaborate with the right app development company that can help you leverage all the leading technologies and enables you to create a solution that meets the needs of end-users. To further enhance the functionality of this app, you can list food delivery partners, music partners and more, to make this app idea really big and useful.

3. Fun Acronyms for Social Media

Undoubtedly, with each passing day, the number of smartphone users are increasing rapidly. These users can be of any age, teenage, adults, middle-age or old age people. The one most common thing that comes in front of everyone is that people in their 40’s or above are not able to understand the shortcode language that has been widely using over social networking sites.

Since people are widely using social networking platforms, therefore, developing an online dictionary that provides the full-form of all the fun acronyms can be a great app development idea in 2021.

Right from essential funny acronyms including BFF, AMA, BTW, FTW, LOL, YOLO, to technical acronyms, there are a variety of shortcodes using over social media for texting even with hashtags.

To further increase the functionality of this app, you can hire app developer that can well categorise the acronyms into technical, fun, business, network-specific acronyms.

4. Gaming With Zombies

Did you know that the mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Asia Pacific and expected to grow at CAGR 14% till 2025?

So, developing a gaming app can be a brilliant app idea for startups!

But, how to turn your app idea into million dollar business, when hundreds of gaming apps are already flooded in the market?

Developing a gaming app with Zombies can be a really unique and innovative idea for you. Till date gamers have come across by saving their lives from zombies. But this app has adopted a different idea, where zombies have to protect themself from players.

Now the twist is, zombies are not easier to kill! To kill them, the gamer has to give 100% powerful attempts to destroy their brain, otherwise, anything less than that will make Zombies angry and may attack a player.

5. Couple Compatibility Meter

Did you remember the old days when teenagers used to manually check the compatibility with their partner by cutting each alphabet of the name?

In this highly digital-driven era, why to check compatibility manually, when digital meters are here to suggest you accurate percentage of compatibility with your partner.

It can be a fun and exciting app idea for the users of all ages. So startups can leverage this app idea and create an engaging interface of the app that sticks the users for hours. To keep user’s privacy in mind, avoid tracking the history of the users and allow them to compare their name with soulmate or crush freely.

Enter the name of the user and their partner, then click on the check meter. Once, user clicks on the meter, they will get immediate results on their screen. The best part is, users can try the end number of names and for the end number of times.

To make this app idea a big hit, it is recommended to hire a mobile app development company backed by young minds, having capability to understand the latest market trend.

6. Dating App For Single Parents

The trend of dating is not just left for youngsters. Everyone wants a partner with whom they can spend some quality time. And it can be a million-dollar idea to create a dating app for single parents.

The basic idea of this app is to register users who are divorced, separated, widow, or singles who are looking to mingle, regardless of age.

You can add an option to create a profile with any type of image to keep the identity of the user private. Since it’s a dating app, it depends upon the user’s choice whether they want to keep their info private or public.

Further, to make this app work smoothly, make sure you design an interactive interface and allow users to swipe left to pass the profile and upward to show the interest.

To make this app really winning, startups are advised to use AI bots to kick start the initial communication and make users feel comfortable.

7. Budgeting and Finance App

For everyone, it’s hard to resist spending money on shopping and making good investment decisions. That’s why developing a budgeting and financial app in 2021 can be an excellent idea for enterprises.

There are many people who simply don’t know how to discipline or make right financial decisions. There are plenty of budget apps out there, but still there is a room for apps that comes with additional features.

Allow users to set their monthly expenses and an amount. When they are trying to overspend the amount, your app can push them to earn loyalty points if they meet their budget limits. Apps can encourage users to set the lowest budget limits of their expenses and earn higher loyalty points.

Users strictly follow the rules when in return they will get anything.

8. Business Idea Sharing App

Idea sharing apps can be a unique and innovative idea for startups in 2021 as this app will guide users about anything right from suggesting best investment plans to best brainstorming ideas to kickstart the startup.

To develop this type of app, you can leverage machine learning and data science technologies to analyse the real life market trends and be able to make accurate predictions.

This app can help people to identify best business ideas according to their budget and suggest them how to achieve a goal. Also, it could help people get their business ideas to the right people (investors or developers). This app will work as bridging a gap between the investors and end-users and help them make the best decision with zero risk.

This is a sensitive app idea that requires a proficient mobile app development team having skills of understanding this concept and expertise to transform it into a perfect solution. So it is recommended to look for the leading mobile app development company that enables you to develop a solution that perfectly syncs your business needs.

Healthcare App Ideas for Flu or Virus Covid-19

9. Telemedicine Apps Like Amwell, MDLIVE or LiveHealth

Considering the increasing expansion of COVID-19 virus across the globe, the doctors and other medical staff are clearly standing in the worst position. On one side, people from all corners of the world are suffering from physical and mental stress and coronavirus attacks, on the other side, the team of doctors are finding it challenging to pay personal attention to each patient.

The adoption of telemedicine apps like Amwell, MDLIVE, and LiveHealth with high user rating, quality, and overall reliability seems to be promising for remote healthcare services. The users can have quick access to the doctors even for non-emergency issues during the lockdown.

In addition, the other features of these apps can help you track the history of medicine orders, allow direct medicine orders, tracking orders, scheduling an appointment with health experts, provide video sessions, and so on.

Features to be included in the app:

  • Virtual assistance and chatbot
  • In-app calendar for scheduling an appointment
  • Pharmacy Collaborations for medicines
  • Collaboration of certified doctors
  • Push notification for new inventions, offers or new features.
  • Live video sessions with doctors to discuss the disease and medicine
Image Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/best-telemedicine-iphone-android-apps

10. Health and Nutrition Evaluating App Like HealthyOut, Nutrients or MyFitnessPal

Everyone knows that the only way to protect yourself from the life-threatening disease of Coronavirus is to build a strong immunity. And this won’t be possible without creating a perfect balance of healthy nutrition in your body. With the help of this app, the user can check the appropriate level of nutrition required to fight against this virus season.

Hire android app development company to build a nutrition app that will work a bit extraordinarily and help users to track daily diet, calorie intake, mentor for good food guides as per the age and bodyweight of the user by keeping in mind this flu season.

Best Features to Include in App

  • Track food intake and exercise plan
  • Smart health-improving tips from professionals
  • In-app water tracking and calorie counter feature
  • Latest technology for food logging
  • Accessibility of integrating an app with a wearable device for easy tracking
  • In-app video calling to discuss adequate diet with dietitian or fitness expert.

11. Location Tracking Apps

Unlike few common location tracking apps like Google Maps, FamiSafe, mSpy- it’s time to think a bit differently here. Hire mobile app developers to customize the app with such features that provide instant access to someone’s location. By simply linking your app with the “Mobile Bluetooth Functionality”, you can easily trace the entire contacts within certain limits. And location tracking apps with such features can be really useful for the users to detect the infected person if any came into a contact.

Useful Features to Integrate

  • Live location sharing online/offline
  • In-app messaging using AI Chatbot
  • Keep track of all the places visited in the past and maintain the travel history
  • Integration with Google Services

12. Healthcare Symptoms Tracking Apps Like Flaredown, Symple or CareClinic

With over 3,752,682 cases of Coronavirus in all across the world and hospitals filled with the survivors, everyone is afraid to step in the hospitals for the checkups. In that case, the open-source symptoms tracking apps like Flaredown, Symple, or CareClinic can be your trusted medical assistance partner.

The app can work in two ways, either it will provide you a complete checklist of symptoms of any particular disease or you will enter the symptoms and the app will diagnose the name of a disease. Since the app has a GPS system, therefore it tracks user’s location, contact tracing, and weather conditions to determine the exact health problem.

Main Features to Integrate Into Your App

  • AI Chatbots for question and answers
  • Live location locator
  • Emergency call service
  • Contact tracing
  • Providing access to a patient’s healthcare record history

How To Develop These Advanced Healthcare Apps?

Developing successful mobile apps for business is not just about having the million dollar mobile app idea. There are millions of apps available on Google play store and iPhone app store providing the advanced level of services across various domains. So the central question is, how will you make your app stand out in the crowd?

The simple answer to your question is — “Hire Software Developers With the Ability to Turn Your App Idea Into Reality By Simply Leveraging the Latest Technology”.

By using modern technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, these healthcare apps can be easily developed. All you need is to hire someone who has great skills of using these technologies for data collection and providing best services through custom AI software development.

Trending App Ideas in 2021 That Could Change The World

13. On-demand Home-Cooked Food Ordering App

Whether it’s your special day or an evening house party, everyone usually orders food from restaurants, but we all miss that freshly home cooked food. Even what if you are too busy to cook but still want home-made food?

According to studies, 53% Amercians are considered themselves foodies, which is quite a good percentage of users to serve. With the help of skilled Android app developers, you can develop an on-demand home-cooked food ordering app that allows users to avail freshly-prepared food at reasonable prices.

Customize the app with a weekly menu, special weekend menu, diet menu, nutrient & protein rich diet, and so on. Also provide the facility to book all three meals in advance for a complete week or for a specific day.

Features to Integrate in the App

  • Facility for food customization
  • Support in multi-language
  • Search for dishes according to meal time
  • Search for home-based chefs and cuisines
  • Seamless payment integration
  • Push notifications or alert for new dishes or offers
  • Add customer review or feedback option
  • Guide customers about best sellers
  • In-app calendars for advance meal booking

14. Picture Translation App

While traveling across the borders, one of the most common problems are language translation, speaking foreign languages or understanding the travel directions. What if you hire iOS app developer to create an app using Google Lense and Google Translator to translate any picture, image, text boards or even objects into a local chosen language. As traveling is the industry that never stops, so launching these kinds of apps can prove to be a great success for your business.

Essential Features to Integrate in This App

  • Multi-language translators
  • Voice commands
  • Image, text, or object recognition and translation
  • Clear pronunciation feature

15. Book Donation App

With 34% of the illiteracy rate of the world, building a book donation app is one of the great ideas on the list. With the increasing cost of education, there are underprivileged sections of the society that can’t afford to buy new books for them. The NGOs and libraries can access book donation apps to collect books for the needy and may help in reducing illiteracy rate. Simple yet unique ideas like book donation apps can build up a platform where donors and receivers can connect and meet the needs of society.

Important Features to be added

  • Signup for donor and receiver
  • Pickup location
  • Subject or Book type (school book/university study material/magazine or novel)
  • Upload the picture of book to determine the condition

16. AR Based Room Decoration Apps

Have you been pissed off hiring the costly interior decorators for decorating the small section of your home? Let the users become their own home-designers by using the AR-based room decorating app.

AR- Augmented Reality that helps you style your room by simply using your camera and placing 3D models of various items on the arena to help you understand the final look of the room. With the help of an AR-based room decorating app, users can create space on your phone and easily decide what goes best in the room.

Features to Integrate In the App

  • Upload the picture of room
  • Try and choose from wide choice of wallpaper designs and wall colors
  • Try different furniture and decorative items and provide access to buy it
  • Save final design

17. On-Demand Bike Servicing App

On-demand car servicing apps are common these days, but there is no platform where two-wheelers can look for road-side assistance. As these apps are collaborated with a wide selection of bike service stations and well-categorized according to locations, therefore users can easily access door-step pick-up and drop services, roadside assistance through this app.

The biggest benefit is, it reduces your waiting time and allows you to manage your long due service without leaving the comfort of your home.

Features to Consider in This App

  • Register profile of the user
  • Search for the nearest service station
  • Sharing immediate contact details of the users and service provider

18. A Travel Plan App

We often make travel plans, but when it comes to executing, half of the people either feel stuck in between or drop their travel plan. However, a modern yet intelligent travel planning app can make a great difference. Hire iOS App developers to design the travel app that helps users in exploring destinations as per their interest and customize the travel plan according to their budget. With the use of Google MyAnalytics, BigData Analysis, AI and machine learning to collect data and provide best matches to the queries.

Features To Consider in App

  • Create a User Profile
  • AI-Based Chatbots for basic FAQs
  • Listing of destinations under defined categories
  • Fare calculator
  • Add to Wishlist

19. App To Provide Real Business Investment Plans

Since COVID19 is badly hitting the global economy and putting everyone’s budget at the alarming stage, therefore, businesses are in the search of the best investment plan in 2020 to survive in the sinking market. With the help of a leading mobile app development company, you can develop an app that provides the right guidance and resources to invest in the right business idea.

Create a profile of the investors and allow them to submit their basic information, their interest areas, investment limits, duration and so on. The investment planners can evaluate the needs of investors and accordingly provide the optimum investment plan that perfectly fits to their needs.

Features to Integrate in this App

  • Create a profile
  • Access to share thoughts
  • Scheduling discussion session with experts
  • Collaboration of investors
  • Creating an interface to match investment plan with investors budget limits

20. Virtual Shopping Assistant App

There is a large section of people who are too busy to buy a perfect pair of clothes and matching accessories. And everyone can’t afford to hire a stylist for them to get ready with perfect clothing. Therefore, here comes the best idea to launch a personal shopping assistant app by using data intelligence and human consultation to help buyers find exactly what they want for a specific occasion.

Features to Include in the App

  • AR based virtual try-on
  • Instant price-comparison
  • Provide similar suggestions
  • Order history
  • Parcel tracking

21. Find me Parking Space App

Most of the cities are densely populated, which makes it challenging to find the parking space in heavily crowded areas. So we bought you an idea to develop an app that enables you to find a parking space in the city without any inconvenience. The best features you can integrate are:

  • Notifying users about identifying the peak hours and congestion areas while looking for the parking space in any area.
  • To make this App functional, you can leverage GPS and traffic analysis data from Google and suggest the most appropriate parking spaces.
  • Providing a provision to book an early parking space in the days of festivals, unusual events or special events.

It can be a great app idea for startups in 2021, as in this fast-paced life, no one has enough time to find the parking space and this App can be a great help for them.

22. App For Elderly Help

As we age, everyone needs extra care, attention and affection and older people are the much-needed category. So how about developing an app that not only makes their life easier but also becomes a reliable partner at the toughest phase of their life.

Sounds strange, but here are the features that you can integrate into this app to make it highly functional and loved:

  • Help them plan everything right from daily activities to make them remember medications and utility bills.
  • Providing the provision to order healthy meals, food products, medicines and more through the same App.
  • You can list grocery stores, medical stores, doctors on call, therapists, dieticians, and more for their convenience.

Make sure this App is targeting the elderly, so you hire a mobile app development company that helps you customize the App with an easy and straightforward user interface.

23. Blockchain-Powered App

Many people believe that Blockchain is limited to cryptocurrencies and finances. But, a matter of the fact is, Blockchain is much more concerned with storing data more securely.

So undoubtedly, Blockchain is the perfect technology for developing finance-related App. Apart, Blockchain can be an excellent technology for businesses that require recording and sharing critical digital data through an app. A mobile app integrated with Blockchain technology can help you keep track of every file transaction that can be checked by both parties.

Whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, investing in Blockchain-powered apps can be the best app idea to make money in 2021.

24. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

No matter what type of vehicle you are owning, an app will help you get fuel without needing to go to the fuel station. The application will be listed at all the nearby fuel stations, so when you make a request, it will automatically detect your location and deliver you fuel in a certain time.

In addition, a person can also manually select the location and the type of vehicle oil or fuel they are in need. The nearest fuel station will refuel the car and make sure that all the safety measures are followed. Developing an on-demand fuel delivery app can be the most promising app ideas in 2021.

25. Shopping Products with Photo Detection App

With the increasing trend of online shopping and predicted to make 95% of shopping online in 2040, it makes sense to hire mobile app developer to develop an app that helps users to find the most desired product by pointing a camera on the product.

Like you have downloaded the picture of the dress that you like to buy, then point your camera to the picture and click the search button. You will get a list of stores having the same dress. Isn’t a perfect app idea to make money in 2021.

26. Food Donation App

Whether it’s about home-cooked regular meals or restaurants or cafes, it’s common to throw away leftover fresh food after dinner or a special event. With the increasing population, we can’t afford to waste the food or resources by throwing a ton of food frequently in a bin.

Developing a food donation app can be one of the simple app ideas that make money in 2021. It brings all the NGOs or associations and food donors to the same platform. Through this App, donors can feed the people who are actually in need of the food, able to do something great for society.

27. Finding A Work From Home Job Apps

Undoubtedly, unemployment has become an alarming concern all across the globe. Creating an app that helps to find remote jobs can be a great idea in 2021. With the help of this App, you can bring employers and employees on the same platform and allow them to get connected with the most appropriate resource. Besides, to make this App fully functional and feature-rich, you can hire a software development company, experienced in building robust, scalable and flexible apps that perfectly syncs your needs.

28. Grocery Cost Compare and Ordering App

There are hundreds of grocery ordering apps available in the market, but they only make you order necessary products from the App. However, an idea to develop grocery cost compare and ordering apps is the one that can make you money in 2021. This App will work in two ways- an aggregator and a grocery delivering app. Users can instantly compare the prices and make the best shopping decision through this App.

Since this app idea can embrace the complicated app structure, therefore, it is a worthy decision to hire a mobile app developer for your next project.

Most Promising App Ideas That You Can Generate Revenue in 2021

29. Virtual Classroom App

With the harsh hit of COVID-19 attack, if there is one thing that caused a fantastic hamper, it is education. From the last 9–10 months, the situations are not left the same and won’t be expected to get back in the normal mode in the coming two years. Therefore, no parent is courageous to send their kids to school to attend classes and put them in the danger of coronavirus.

In that case, virtual classrooms allow students and teachers to share a virtual classroom and will enable them to connect from anywhere, anytime with a strong internet connection. This App will create a perfect schooling environment by sharing a meeting link to join the class.

30. Mental Health Apps for Employees

In this fast-paced life, where everyone is chasing with various problems, developing employee health management (EHM) apps can be a brilliant idea for your startup in 2021. With this App, employees can monitor their mood changes and attributes that trigger their feelings. The constant monitoring and tracking of emotions will help in improving the mental health of the employees.

You can list therapists and psychiatrists on the App that provide personalized healthy living tips to employees at the right time and make sure that their personal details and report will remain private with health experts. This is a great app idea to make money in 2021!

31. Fruits and Vegetables Quality Monitoring App

Have you ever imagined that an app will help you detect the appropriate quality of fruits and vegetables? Yes, it is possible!

By hiring a mobile app developer, you can build such an app where you need to upload the clear picture of fruits or vegetables to check the quality score of a particular item. Also, an app will suggest which is the best and worst score to consider while determining the freshness of the fruits and vegetables.

32. Tenant finding App

Sure, you may get several queries of tenants through advertisements or listing your property on real estate sites. But tenant finding apps can help you reach out filtered yet potential queries. The tenant finding app will not just list your property but also enables you to find the tenant after an in-depth background check.

On the other hand, it helps tenants find the perfect choice of property at their choice of location and budget without paying any commission to the middle man. It can be one of the best app ideas for the startups to make money in 2021, but make sure it has a simple and appealing interface to keep your user engaged longer with the App.

33. Gift Suggestion App

At certain times in life, you need some assistance for selecting the right choice of gift for the right occasion. Developing a gift suggesting App can be an excellent option for startups that help users in selecting gifts according to the event and budget. Hire app developer to build a fantastic gift suggesting and customizing App that enables you to choose the gift item for your mother, faster, sister, brother, wife, girlfriend and more. To make this App functional, you can list various gift stores on the App and even provide the option to customize the gift with an innovative idea.

34. Toy Exchanging App

Kids grow up so quickly, so they easily get bored of their existing toys. Instead of keeping them in a store or throwing them away in a bin, it is worth exchanging your toy with another kid through this App. Toy exchange apps will bring takers and givers on the same platform and allow you to upload the picture of the toys with the recommended age and make the entire exchange process easier.

35. Pet Fitness App With IoT

Pets are equally affectionate and loving as your kids are. Keeping your pets healthy and playful is all that every pet owner wants for their furry baby. Creating a pet fitness app that keeps monitoring the pet’s activity and exercise, analyses it, and creates a weekly report, will be a great idea. Also, make sure an app has the compatibility to get connected to wearable devices so it can alert you when your pet is wet.

36. Stress Relaxation and Meditation App

With so many problems, life has become stressful. Whether it’s a professional, personal and spiritual, many people are struggling with high levels of stress. To get rid of or to reduce this stress, you can hire a mobile app development company that can help you create stress relaxation and meditation apps with all such features that help users relax and revive their mental health. However, with the availability of so many fitness and meditation apps, make sure you create this App with such advanced functionalities to compete with others.

37. In-door Navigation App With ML

Determining and finding your preferred store in any particular app without any assistance can be tiring for anyone. Well, developing outdoor apps have become a common concept for companies.

Developing an indoor navigation app leveraging machine learning technology can be a great idea to make money in 2021. An indoor digital app will be highly useful in finding parking data, restrooms, stores and other facilities inside significant places like malls, airports, hospitals or more. These types of apps are really in high demand as it saves a significant amount of time and efforts of the commuters.

38. Building a Community-Based App

This app idea is more of creating virtual groups with the people having the same interest areas. The community-based apps can define the categories of different interests and allow people to share their views and thoughts with other people having the same interest areas. You can also create an app for any specific community as well and bring people with the same interest together at one place.

39. App To Detect Originality of The Product

Many times we get attracted by the packaging of the products, especially when they are available at the lower prices. But later you realized whether the product is original or not? Many times we end up buying duplicate products and fail to detect the originality of the work by merely checking a few details.

So, it can be a brilliant idea to hire a software development company to create an app to identify the originality of the product by simply entering the product codes or scan the barcode through an app. The App will immediately let you know the authenticity of the product.

40. Make me Remember

Are you someone who always missed out to wish your friends and family on their special day? Welcome to the club!

While it’s widespread to forget the select dates like birthday, anniversary, and more. This is one of the most necessary mobile app ideas that help you remember all the special days and occasions of your friends and family. This type of App will not only remind you to wish them a birthday; it enables you to send them a card and also allow you to send a gift on your behalf.

41. Budget Management App

There are many types of budget management apps, but will they help you keep in budget strictly? Many times people go over budget and have to beg for money at the end of the month.

The idea of developing a budget management app can be an excellent idea. All you need to do is to add the feature that keeps the user under budget by sending alarming messages when they try to cross a specific budget. The best part about developing this App is, it will suggest to you the better options on how you can save the money at the end.

42. Housekeeping / Room Cleaning

Isn’t seem to be very complicated to hire a maid for housekeeping or cleaning a particular room? Now this will no longer be a far fetched job for the homeowners. An app can help you find the right maid for a particular task. Whether you are looking for a part-time, full-time or an hourly basis, an app will provide you room cleaning service as per your requirement.

43. App To Find Best Deals Near You

In the age of digitization, developing a mobile app to find the cheapest deals and offers near you, can be an outstanding app idea. Whether you are planning to visit a pizzeria in the next street or going to a clothing store in the nearest mall, an app will help you find the best promotional offers or discount deals available on the store. The app structure might be complicated, so you can choose to hire mobile app developer that helps you customize the App with best features.

44. Countdown Timer App

There are many special occasions in life that we are excited for like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays and more. How about having an app that counts down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to any particular event? Yes, developing a countdown time app can be a perfect option for you!

The purpose of launching this type of App is to provide a constant decrementing display of the month by showing the live countdown of the month with days, hours, minutes and seconds. To access this App, you need to click on the start button and see the countdown timer start displaying the clock until the event takes place.

45. Travel Alarming App

Travelling across the border is always an exciting task for everyone, but what if you choose the wrong location at the wrong time? Your one wrong travel decision can put your entire trip at risk and drain your budget. So determining the best time to avoid visiting any location is one of the most important aspects to be considered when travelling across the borders.

While there are many apps that suggest your best locations to visit for a vacation. But what about the destinations that you should avoid to visit? Develop an app that takes your interests, phobias and dislikes into account and suggests to you all the places you should not go. This App will help you choose the location that can offer you travel to the location that ensures your best travel experience.

46. Have We Met Before App

There are thousands of people we met every year, but remembering the same people you met once in 2002 is quite tricky. Are you able to recognize the same person in 2021, if they suddenly get in touch with you? Indeed, you don’t even remember their name!

So how about developing an app that maintains the database of all the people you met in your life? Sounds interesting! You can find the complete details including name, contact details and even chats through this App.

47. What To Cook App

People who have been living alone, away from home and have limited items to cook are alway eyeing up for suggestions on what to cook now. With the app development that helps you decide what to cook can be a great assistance for them. All you need is to fill the ingredients that you have; the App will suggest to you what delicious dish you can make through those food items. And if you like any recipe or want to repeat in the future or just simply want to share it with friends, then you can save it.

48. Find Your Soul Partner

Now finding your soulmate is never a daunting task. Gone are those days when a middle man would provide you with suggestions and arrange the meetings. Won’t it be so complicated talking to someone to whom you never met before? Now with online dating apps, you can easily get connected with anyone you like to talk and conduct a meeting. Have you ever imagined that an app will ever help you find your soulmate? You can hire a software development company to customize the App with excellent UI that keeps the user engaged longer with your App.

49. Social Networking App For Single Parents

The simple idea to develop a social networking app for single parents in 2021 is to connect single parents with similar interests and kids in the same group to discuss and share their thoughts, advice and tips, etc. You can provide the provision to log in the App by simply creating an account or through other social networking accounts.

50. An App To Manage Baby’s Need

While entering parenthood for the first time, there are multiple things that you are dealing with for the first time. And managing work-life and taking care of a baby together is a challenging task for every parent, especially for the new parents. In that case, a baby’s need management app can be a great help for you.

Parents can easily order supplies from the App like baby food, diapers, creams, medicines and more. Moreover, allow parents to set reminders to restock such essential items and manage databases and plan the marketing accordingly.

51. An App For Pregnancy Aid

The simple app idea to develop a pregnancy app is to aid pregnant women with all the necessary pregnancy tips, queries and answers that help them throughout their pregnancy phase. You can hire app developer that enables you to create an app with all the necessary features and help you list professionally trained health experts that can guide all the mothers-to-be about the common pregnancy issues and tips to each cycle.

52. Tutor Searching App

While there are a number of tutors available in the town, but with an app finding the most reliable, suitable and skilled tutor is just a matter of a few clicks. Developing a tutor search app can be a great idea to make money in 2021 for startups, as you can list the end number of tutors on the platform and categorize them according to the location, subjects, experience, skills, availability or fees. By signing up for this App, students can quickly shortlist the tutors that perfectly fit their needs.

53. An App For Life Hacks

Everyone loves knowing the shortcut in life, and it will not just save time and energy, but also makes you feel smart. It can be a great app idea for startups to develop an app that gathers the best life hacks or DIY tips from the internet and compile them and put them in various categories to make your life easier.

54. Trip Planning and Budgeting App

Long weekend ahead? Planning for the short vacation but not sure which location will suit your budget? Don’t worry, a trip planning and budgeting app will help you determine the best choice of locations that perfectly fits your travel interest. You can hire app developer that can build the travel app with unique features like:

  • Users can get the best location suggestions by merely entering the budget and travel interest.
  • Users can view images of the location in the App and check out nearby attractions in the App before making a final decision.
  • Also, you can check whether the place or property is kids friendly.

55. An App To Make a Wish Store

Wish store is one of the standard features in most of the online stores that enable you to add the product to the wish list that you probably want to buy in future. But you can rethink this option and create it as a platform that allow users to post photos and descriptions of the goods they want to buy. And the best part is, you can list an end number of sellers that can check the requirements posed by the users and be able to provide goods and custom manufactured products.

56. The Bug Detection App

In the age of digitization, dealing with a bug in any app has become the most common thing these days. Instead of hiring the IT engineer, now you can resolve the bug with the App.

Creating the bug detection app is one of the great app ideas that haven’t been made before in 2021. Make sure the App is simple to access and easy to use by the users. All you need is to take a screenshot of the bug and put it in a mobile app. The bug identifying App will search the solution over the internet or via IT experts to determine what kind of problem it is and come up with the most appropriate matching results for you.

To make this App highly functional, it is worth hiring the app developer that can understand the complexity level of this app idea and be able to convert it into a perfect product.

57. Book Reviews and Recommendation App

There is a large percentage of people that love reading and welcome the best book suggestions to read. So being a startup, it can be a great idea to make money in 2021 by merely developing a book review and recommendation app.

If you like reading books, then you will understand how amazing it will be to take a picture of the book and upload it and to instantly get the feedback on it or further recommendations for the similar book. The book suggestion and feedback is a common feature in various ecommerce apps like Amazon or Goodreads that assist users in making better decisions.

58. On-demand Home Cooked App

Ordering your food from the restaurants is a common thing, but what if you are hosting a house party and have a special menu in mind? Of Course, you never want to miss the fun of the party by keeping yourself occupied in the kitchen. Then, in that case, an on-demand home-cooked app will help you get freshly home-cooked food at the reasonable prices at your doorstep. With this help idea, you can allow users to make a healthy choice every day and enjoy fantastic food items that are made with fresh seasonal food items.

59. Baby Pacifier App

No matter whether you are entering into parenthood or welcoming your second baby, parenting is always tricky. Managing routine and taking care of a baby together can be a challenging job for parents. In the fast-paced life, even at times, parents could feel helpless in pacifying kids and make them stop crying. So developing a baby pacifier app for the little one can be an excellent idea for a startup in 2021.

The App will feature natural, calming and soothing sounds of rain, light music, the voice of insects and rhymes that can help newborn babies to stop crying and ease their bedtime. To develop this App, we recommend you to hire mobile app developer that can understand your needs and be able to customize the App leveraging the best features of the leading frameworks.

60. AR Based Interior Designing App

When it comes to buying furniture, wallpaper or lampshades, many of you are in a dilemma whether it will be a good fit for your room or not. But now with the latest Augmented Reality, you can virtually design your room and try on things in the room to understand the final look of the room. AR-based interior apps can help you select the best furniture items.

How Much Does It Take To Develop These Brilliant Mobile Apps?

Every mobile application has a different set of features, level of complexity, UX/UI design, functionality, technologies and methodologies. So it is difficult to reveal any accurate amount to develop any mobile app whether it is basic or an app with advanced features. Even if any company claims you to develop your mobile app under a certain amount of cost and time, then keep in mind that is just a marketing trap and don’t fall for it.

The major cost of app development depends upon the hourly rates of the developer that you hire to build specific features and functionality of your app. Generally the hourly price of a developer is starting from $18 to $30 per hour, depending upon the skills, experience and domain knowledge of the developer.

Simple Formula To Calculate the App Development Cost is:

In the Nutshell

Coming up with a brilliant app idea is not so challenging if you have a clear perspective and know what goals you want to achieve through this app. But despite that, sometimes having an expensive budget and brilliant app idea fails to become a successful app like Uber, TikTok, Walmart and so on. To build a successful app, the first thing you need is to hire a reputed app development company that can integrate an advanced level of features and help you target the right audience through the app.

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