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Bhavik Makwana
Mar 3 · 3 min read

I started writing the Weekly Tips on Flutter and Dart in January together with monthly tips articles.

Here is the second article in this series.

Check out the first article of Tips from January if you have missed it.

Today’s article is all about the February month, I have shared some tips, but also we have got some good tips from the community members.

Below are February month’s Tips:

4. Apply style as a Theme in a Text widget.

Check out below article for detail information about this tip.

5. Want to run task periodically in Dart?

What about using Timer.periodic It will create a repeating timer, It will take a two argument one is duration and second is callback that must take a one Timer parameter.

There are some alternatives to it in Dart and it is one of them.

6. Use Ternary operator instead of the if else to shorter your Dart code.

Use below:

Instead of this:

That’s it from my end but there some good tips shared by some other developers from the community.
Below are some of them:

  1. Flutter IDE shortcuts article by Pooja Bhaumik, Contains a list of shortcuts that you can utilize to faster your Flutter development.

2. Remi Rousselet has shown over here How you can use sync* to build a dynamic list of widgets and avoid a null.

The example shown here are may not be perfect but it is to showcase how you can utilize this in your Flutter development.

This is it from the Month of February. Stay tuned for more updates. All tips shared can be found in my “FlutterDartTips” repo on Github:

Have a great and Fluttericious day.

If you have some cool tips in your mind and want to share with the Folks around the world, Fork the repository and Make a PR.

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Flutter Community

Articles and Stories from the Flutter Community

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