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Attention! How To Add Value To Your Business By Developing Mobile Apps?

With the projection marked that app consumers are projected to spend over 34 Billion U.S dollars on mobile apps by 2022, it becomes alerting time to have a mobile application for your business to avoid losing the potential segment of the market.

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A significant reason behind the massive growth of smartphone is the availability of millions of mobile applications, packed with outstanding features and functionalities.

As per the stats, the app downloads has taken a sharp jump from 94.8 billion downloads in 2017 to 114.9 billion in 2019, thus clearly portraying how the modern world has become heavily app-dependent. Moreover, the increasing demand for mobile applications has transformed smartphones from a simple communication device to the most integral part of our daily life.

Moreover, with the increasing usage of mobile applications, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile apps have successfully conquered every sphere of our lives and businesses.

Right from booking air tickets to the hotel, transferring money to order food, mobile applications have become a dominant player in every business vertical.

Gone are those days, when custom app development solutions were only meant to progressive business brands including “Bank of America”, “Walmart” or more.

In the present-day-market, startups like Uber and Airbnb are quickly turning into the million-dollar business with a cutting-edge mobile application and successfully stealing the centre stage of mobile business. With this reality, it is safe enough to say that mobile apps have become an urgent need of the hour, regardless of the size of business you are operating.

Important! The Value Added By Mobile Apps To All Sort of Businesses

Undoubtedly, the increasing impact of digitization is dominatingly revolutionizing the way we live and work.

Right from purchasing psychology and strategies of customers to demonstrating and showcasing the product and services by businesses, everything is greatly influenced by mobile applications.

So here are the few significant goals of businesses that they try to achieve through a mobile app:

  • Enhancing customer services and cultivating customer loyalty
  • Boost business ROI and reach out a broad market
  • Enhance the accessibility of your product and services
  • Building a strong brand image
  • Provide more value to the customer on every purchase
  • Keep users updated with new products, offers and deals
  • Reach out international markets and stand out in the competition
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Building a database of the customers

Now the question is whether mobile app helps you meet these primary goals of your business?

According to the survey, a mobile application has all the potential to add X-factor to your business and enables you to expand your customer base.

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That’s not all! With a well-structured mobile app development solution, businesses can access a ton of analytics on how exactly people are interacting with your app, how much time they are spending on your app and what amount of money you are making from the application.

Investing in a mobile application is merely opening the doors for zillions of opportunities for businesses as it transforms and automates your business process.

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How To Make Your Mobile Application Stand Out In the Highly Competetive Market?

With 5.6 million applications are already existing in the app stores (Android, iOS, Windows or others), expecting your business success with the launch of an ordinary app can be a disappointing decision for you.

So how to make your mobile app successful in the cut-throat competitive market?

To make your app appealing and engaging to users, it is essential to include some key features in your app design. Users quickly respond to interactive design that leads to rich user experience and engage them longer with an app.

So here are the few tips that enable you to create a useful app:

  • Simple and Easy App Design: Simplicity is the key to design highly interactive app. A highly fancy face of your app with the complicated interface will push users to delete your app and move on to another app. Simplicity is key to creating a perfect app as it ensures seamless user experience and adds a competetive edge to your business.
  • App Load Time: Users are expected to load your app page in as quickly as in 2 seconds. Exceeding the load time, even with 1 second will lose 16% of users. In this fast-paced life users want everything on a rapid pace, so never wait for your services, especially when there are other apps similar to yours.
  • Integration of Social Media Accounts: Social media integration can allow users to collaborate and communicate with your brand quickly. Business can leverage this feature and allowing users to share their content they have read or purchased from your app.
  • In-App Payment: To ensure hassle-free payment transactions, your app must include payment gateways like Paypal, to provide a secure and fast checkout process.
  • Reviews and Ratings: You may have a brilliant app structure, but still asking for feedback is an important feature to include in your app. This will allow users to submit their opinion and help you determine the area of improvements.

Now the most crucial question is, what type of application you need to develop?

Significant Application Types You Can Choose To Develop in 2021

Undoubtedly, the increasing usage of mobile applications have become a new trend and is expected to grow exceptionally in the near future. Therefore, businesses from all verticals are interested in investing in hiring a software development company.

But before that, you need to choose from these three major types of mobile applications, including:

  • Native Apps: These apps are developed with a single code for a specific operating system including iOS on Objective-C or Swift, Android on Java, and Windows on Net. The most significant advantage of developing a native app is it ensure unmatched user experience but they are highly expensive in cost.
  • Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps are developed by using multi-platform web technologies including Flutter, React Native and more. By using a single codebase, developers can create an application for multiple platforms, which make it faster and easier to develop.
  • Web Apps: Web apps use browser to run and are usually written on JavaScript, HTML, or CSS languages.

Every business has different goal sets! So depending upon the target audience, your business requirements and budget, you can decide whether you want to launch your app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft store or on all with cross-platform compatibility.

Million-Dollar Mobile App Development Ideas For Businesses That Ensure Success in 2021

1. Mobile Stylist App

For many people, styling themself in a limited budget is always a complicated task. That’s why most celebrities have personal designers!

But, now, with mobile styling app, users can create the best stylish look for themselves without having to chase with massive budget or inconvenience of finding the most desirable clothes. A mobile stylish app brings an opportunity for every user to look good. With the prediction to generate $189 billion in-app revenue worldwide by 2020, it can be a great mobile app development idea for the businesses operating in ecommerce.

To make this app highly functional, the app should gather the following data:

  • Skin tone,
  • Eye Color,
  • Hair Color,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • The most visited events,
  • Style preferences and colour choices.

Pro Tip: You can choose to hire Android app developer that is familiar with augmented Reality and able to integrate this technology to help users virtually try the recommended styles.

2. Online Food Delivery App

As per the survey report, the online food industry is expected to generate a revenue of $136,431 Million in 2020 and the number of expected users projected to reach to $965.8 Million by 2024, it makes sense to develop an online food delivery app for your business.

The food delivery apps like UberEats, Postmates, Instacart have indeed taken centre stage of the industry. However, still, the food delivery industry has potential opportunities to offer all sort of businesses.

To create an exceptional food delivery app, you can choose to integrate unique features in it, including voice recognition, payment gateway, GPS tracking, well categorized menu, real-time tracking and more.

3. Doctor Appointment App

With the Covid-19 virus attack, everyone is being pushed to follow a social distancing rule, therefore launching an online doctor appointment app can be a great app idea for startups in 2021.

Since customers are looking for ways to get in touch with the doctors safely, therefore, you can provide a quick and convenient interface with the latest features in one to meet their growing needs. To make it highly functional, you can also list several certified doctors with a short description for the online consultation. Allow, users to book their appointment by using in-app payment gateway to get much-needed services right away.

4. Nutrition and Meal-Preparation App

Developing a nutrition and meal-preparation app is one of the most demanding app development idea in 2021.

Allow users to manage their health and weight with a customized nutrition and meal preparation application. By entering the health goal (lose, gain or maintain) in-app, make sure it works like a personal assistant and guiding everything right from calories to personal eating plans along with the healthy living tips.

5. Check Freshness of Food

Determining the quality or freshness of the packed or unpacked food is one of the challenging tasks for the users. So it can be a brilliant idea to make money in 2021 by launching an app that helps you check the freshness of the food. But all you need is to hire mobile app developer that has greate AI/Machine Learning that can help you earn some money from the food inspector app.

How will this app work?

You need to train your AI to identify food that has gone rotten. Allow users to click a picture of the food or get it scanned from the app camera. AI of the app will analyse the quality of the food by merely accessing the multiple data points and based on the data collected from the picture; the app will tell you whether the food is fresh or gone bad. Also, you can include the quality meter to make it easier for users to understand the quality level of the food.

Emerging Technologies That You Can Integrate into Mobile App Development

Several technologies are breathing in the field of mobile app development and taking businesses to new heights of innovations. The above listed app ideas are the hot topic of the town, but by integrating the right technology you can easily stand first in the market competition.

So if you are planning to hire mobile app developer, then these are the few technologies that you need to integrate into the latest app development solutions:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Both of these technologies are boldly paving their way in the app development sectors and introducing new trends into a mobile game, ecommerce, education, and other sectors being empowered by image recognition, language translation, pattern recognition, voice recognition and more features.
  • Augmented Reality: It is another leading technology, widely breathing into ecommerce and gaming sector by allowing people to combine a real-world image with a virtually created image.
  • Blockchain Technology: Being based on a decentralized system, blockchain meant to enhance app security and keep the risk of data hacking at the bay. Therefore, this technology is considered as a hot-selling trend while developing financial and banking apps.
  • IoT: Make your wearables much more efficient by adding Internet of Things to your smart devices like smartwatches, applianced to make your app more functional.


Hopefully, with this blog, you have gathered all the information related why you should invest in mobile apps, how it can add a competetive edge to your business prospectus and best ideas of app development.

But to make your efforts and investment successful, it is important to collaborate with the reputed mobile app development company committed to follow NDAs and agile app development methodologies. If you have any further doubts, you can leave a comment below!



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