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Chatbot Inventory Tracking iOS & Android App with Flutter, DialogFlow, and GCP

Chatbot Inventory Tracking App With Dialogflow

What we will build

  • Dialogflow Entity For Product: The entity will provide specific context for user action/intent.
  • Dialogflow Intent for Product Description and Product Quantity. The intents represents specific action that user intents to ask.
  • Firebase Realtime Database: we store our products data containing the description and quantity in stock inside the database so the Fullfillment webhook can query what user search and provide the response.
  • Dialogflow Fulfillment Webhook using Google Cloud Function: The webhook will get the request query action and parameters, then depending on user action, query the database for description or quantity.
  • Flutter Project, the mobile front end app: The app displays the chat list UI for user to, provide input for user to ask, then display and speak the responses.

Setting Up Dialogflow

Create Product Entity

Create Product Description Intent

Create Product Quantity Intent

Store Product Data in Firebase Realtime Database

Webhook Fulfillment Implementaion

Building The Flutter App

  • flutter_dialogflow: The flutter_dialogflow makes it easy to integrate dialogflow with Flutter project by Victor Alfonso Rodas.
  • tts: A text to speech plugin for flutter by Alex Blount.

flutter_dialogflow: ^0.0.1
tts: ^1.0.1




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