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Cross-Platform Mobile Applications: How It Can Benefit Your Business in 2021?

So finally, you made a decision to invest in mobile app development, but what’s next? What type of mobile app you need for your business and which operating system you are targeting to launch your app? The app development budget, the expected timeline, or the targeted audience…are the few more major concerns to think upon!

It is true that hiring an app development company is the simplest way to get an advanced solution with cost efficiency, but while you approach any reputed app development company, you still need to have to deal with these above basic questions.

So, let’s face it!

  • According to survey reports, the mobile enterprise application market size is estimated to grow from $48.24 billion in 2016 to $98.03 billion in 2021.
  • The forecast from Statista reveals that Android has maintained its position as a leading mobile operating system worldwide with a market share of 75%. Whereas the iOS market share is 24.79%.
Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/272698/global-market-share-held-by-mobile-operating-systems-since-2009/
  • 70% of online traffic is generated from mobile applications and Android and iOS are the two dominating platforms.
  • 90% of smartphone users spend their mobile time on applications.
  • According to the survey reports, Android and iOS both are accounting for 98% of the total mobile OS market share.

Considering these statistics and mobile app download and usage trends, it is sure that Android and iOS are the two leading OS in the mobile app industry. And with over 2.6 million Android apps and 1.85 million iOS applications available on respective stores, targeting any one of these operating systems is not a worthy decision for the businesses. Moreover, developing native apps for multiple platforms can be a time-consuming and expensive option for businesses.

So if you are looking for the enterprise application then it will be perfect to go with cross-platform or Hybrid application. You can hire cross-platform app developer to build a cross-platform application with a single codebase and make it run on multiple platforms.

Highlights of the content

  • How Will You Know Whether Cross-Platform Apps are the Best Choice For Your Business in 2021?
  • Benefits of Developing Cross-Platform Application
  • What are the Best Choice of Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks and Tools That Rule in 2021?
  • Final Thoughts

Let’s dig deep to understand each parameter of this blog in-depth to make the right app development decision…

How Will You Decide Whether Investing in Cross-Platform Application will be A Good Choice For Your Business In 2021?

With the increasing boom of technology and the availability of multiple operating systems, sometimes, it can be confusing to decide which platform you should choose for the enterprise application.

Choice of Platform: To decide whether which will be the best choice of the operating system for your business, determine if you’re going to be available for one or multiple platforms. In case you are targeting a large number of users through different platforms, then the cross-platform applications will be a great choice. On the other hand, if it is sufficient for you to reach out to either Android or iOS users to offer excellent user experience, then native apps will be your priority.

Complexity of the App: The only way to address is to determine whether you want to develop a basic app with MVP or planning to hit the market with full-fledged applications with platform-specific functions.

Costing and Development Timeline: Native apps surely provide an exceptional level of user experience but they are neither fast nor cheaper in development. Building separate native applications for different platforms needs to hire a team of a number of developers which may drain up a budget and lift up the development time. If you choose to go for the Cross-Platform approach, you just need to hire a software development company with a small team of developers that is efficient enough to develop a single app with a single codebase that can run on multiple platforms.

In the Nutshell:

Cross-Platform apps are a great option for those who have been looking for the business app that provides you an ability to target a large number of audiences through multiple platforms. Secondly, for cross-platform app development, you just need to hire a cross-platform app development company that can build an app with a single codebase and allow you to market an app in a quick time frame.

Don’t worry we have covered everything in this post…

2. Benefits of Developing a Cross-Platform Application for Your Business in 2021

Right from startups to enterprises, cross-platform applications offer you a great set of advantages.

- Single Codebase Make It Cheaper To Build

Did you know the longer your application takes to a develop, the higher the development cost will be!

Since cross-platform applications can run on both platforms iOS and Android with a single code-based and takes around the same period of time as it takes to develop a native app for one platform.

- Faster To Develop App For Multiple Platforms

As cross-platform applications are based on a single codebase they take less time as compared to native ones which require an equal period of time to develop an app for a particular operating system. App development companies can develop cross-platform apps by simply creating a single code-base. Moreover, since the single codebase is generated for multiple apps therefore it consumes less development time and easier to test on multiple platforms.

- Easier To Make Changes and Updates With a Limited Team Members

Undoubtedly, it is easy to make corrections in a cross-platform app codebase and doesn’t require making corrections in multiple codebases. However, if the truth to be told, you need to hire app developers with a deeper understanding of both Android and iOS platforms. Since both stores have a different set of requirements, therefore, you need a specialised developer who can handle the complexities and make changes without any flaw.

- Reusability of Code Saves Development Time and Cost

Unlike native apps, when you hire a cross-platform app developer to customize the app, they simply use reusable codes which ultimately speedup the development time and saves in cost. There is no need of writing a unique code for each platform and devoting long hours and efforts in development.

- Flawless Cloud Integration Make it a Perfect Choice

Due to single code source, it is easy to integrate cross-platform apps with the cloud platform, which provides better compatibility and assistance in maintaining apps in the cloud. The cloud integration process is easier with cross-platform applications and also provides versatility on multiple platforms.

- Native-Like User Experience With Single Codebase

Considering all the benefits of cross-platform apps, its development method, timeline and cost, it won’t be wrong to say that it delivers excellent user experience compared to hybrid and native apps as per the investment involved in it. More Or Less, cross-platform applications deliver the similar native-like User experience, features and functionality even with a single codebase development..

Right from its development cost to maintenance cost, cross platform applications offer you multiple benefits. However, you must be wondering, what are the best frameworks and tools you can use to develop a high performing cross-platform application.

What are the Best Choice of Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks and Tools That Rule in 2021?

Whether you are a pro or just starting out with the development services, these are the leading cross-platform app development frameworks in 2021 that make your development process easier and cut down the development process.

Image source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/869224/worldwide-software-developer-working-hours/

- React Native: Write Once, Run Anywhere

When it comes to cross platform app frameworks, react native is one of the popular frameworks based on JavaScript and helps developers to give native-like feel to mobile applications which flawlessly work on Android and iOS platforms. Developers with the knowledge of JavaScript and React.JS can easily understand this framework and be able to write modules in Objective-C, Swift or Java Languages.

  • React Native is an open source cross-platform app framework and has a large community to support.
  • React Native is based on One-time coding for developing cross-platform applications for the diverse platforms, so there’s no need to hire mobile app developers separately twice for the same app on different platforms.
  • Highly compatible with third party plugins.
  • The primary focus of this framework is UI and rendering a highly responsive interface and smooth interface.

- Flutter : Develop High Performing Apps In No Time

Flutter is another impressive cross platform app framework introduced and supported by Google. It was launched in 2017 with the advanced SDK to assist developers in building high-performing Android and iOS applications.

Here are some amazing features of Flutter that makes it an ideal choice for cross-platform app development in 2021:

  • Flutter allows developers to work on latest interfaces as it promotes portable GPU that renders UI power.
  • Flutter is the ideal choice if you need to develop an app with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as it initiates the fastest development process and is also cost-efficient.
  • Flutter offers hot reload features which allow developers to make changes in the backend without even saving the file.

- Xamarin: Developer’s Choice, Trusted by Enterprise

This framework was launched in 2011 as an independent cross-platform app development framework but later acquired and supported by Microsoft, which makes it a more reliable and efficient framework for the enterprises. It is a streamlined framework specifically used for developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows by simply using C# and .Net libraries.

  • Xamarin based cross-platform apps are developed by using C# library, so developers can leverage modern languages including Objective-C and Java.
  • It promotes easy linking with native libraries which ensure seamless app customization and integrates native-level functionality in the app.
  • Xamarin also supports WORA, there it includes less development time and cost.
  • It focuses on an astounding native user interface and controls, which allow developers to design cross-platform apps with native-like feel.

The average app development cost is usually starting from $10,000 to $15,000 and goes up to any expensive price depending upon the level of developer you hire for the project. Rest, these are the few most popularly used frameworks in 2021, but it doesn’t mean that other frameworks are less beneficial. Some other tools and frameworks that you consider are Ionic, Native Script, Node.JS, Corona, Unity and more.

Ending Note

After concluding all the frameworks, tools and benefits concerned with cross-platform applications, it is worth making an investment in Cross-platform solutions in 2021. Due to its single codebase nature, you can develop an app capable of running on multiple platforms and although in less time frame and cost.

Developing a cross-platform application has never been a difficult task, all you need is to hire cross-platform app developer that has expertise in working on both platforms. If you are stuck at any point, then as we always recommend, you need to consult an expert developer for a quick and worthy solution.




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