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This is a Living Document

This article will serve as the ‘Landing Page’ for the live stream sessions I will be hosting for these next few months. This will be a ‘living document’ changing in content as we progress through the live sessions on the topic of Flutter and all it has to offer.

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At 7:30pm EST., on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at 4:00pm EST. on Sundays, I will be streaming my computer screen essentially. There, I’ll be working on Flutter in my Android Studio. Fun!

Primarily, we’ll be working through the scheduled topics listed below. Doing so, we will be ‘stepping’ through the Flutter SDK, through code samples, and through my own code. We’ll talk about it as we go along. Together, we’ll get to know the platform we’ve all come enjoy.

Stay on Target! Stay on Target!……..stay on topic

With each session, I will make efforts to stay on topic. Some may be tempted to ask ‘off topic’ questions, but I’ll only tell them its ‘off topic’. You can always go to gitter to ask such questions. There may be sessions in the future explicitly called, Q&A Session, for just such a purpose, but they’ll be displayed as such in the schedule. Til then, I’m dedicated to the topic.

We’ll Chat About It

I hope to utilize the Discord platform to allow for viewers to chat in real-time. I have a permanent ‘invite link’ to my Decode Flutter Discord Server:

There’s homework at times

There may be sessions where I am busily working away on a commercial project. You’re encouraged to stick around and offer any of your own insight. You can even ask those ‘off topic’ questions. :)

What is in a name? A lot!

The name of the channel is, However, a name conveying the subject at hand would be more appropriate, and so note that the channel name may change in a month or so. Twitch allows such changes every 60 days.

YouTube Videos

In time, these live sessions will be broken up into more ‘palatable’ videos highlighting specific topics and subject matter. They will be then available in the YouTube channel, Decode Flutter.

DECODE Flutter YouTube Channel

Scheduled Live Stream Presentations

See what the next few sessions will be about. Subject to change. Note, you may see a ‘DNT’ message below. Don’t worry, this is just a third-party spreadsheet. Click on the links under the ‘Page’ column for that session’s details.

Suggest a Topic

I can’t dream up all the topics! Please, come up with your own idea for a topic and submit it anonymously using the ‘Google Form’ below if you want. Instead, you can simply leave comments on this story with suggestions. Again, your browser may display a ‘DNT message’ below. Don’t worry, this is just a Google form. They’re not designed to track you.

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The Up-And-Coming Session Topics:

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