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Tino Kallinich
Feb 27 · 4 min read

The Flutter Development Team is eager to get useful bug reports from the community. Please see the steps below if you found a bug within the Flutter framework, the core Flutter widgets or any Flutter managed packages. If you find a Dart bases Bug please refer directly to the language funnel in the Dart repository.

Please follow the basics of good behavior and keep up a professional cooperation practices.

Found a Bug

  1. Search First
  2. File a Bug
  3. Rating of existing Bugs
  4. Follow up

Search First @



Use the filter function and search for the issue, maybe this bug has been reported already. If you have found one attach you report to an existing one and add a thumps up (see Rating).

Report a Bug

Get Flutter Doctor report

$ flutter doctor

Get your Flutter version

$ flutter --version

Get your Flutter channel

$ flutter channel

Get your application Log

$ flutter run --verbose

This will show a log (noisy logging), including all shell commands. There are many more flutter bash commands which can help to identify a bug, please refer to my Flutter Cheatsheet for that matter.

Go directly to the official Flutter repository and create Bug Report by initiating a new Issue for the Flutter Project.

Create a new issue with a click at the new Issue button and choose one of the given topics.

  • I am having difficulty installing Flutter or getting it to work.
  • I have a problem with my Flutter application.
  • I want help writing my application.

If you run into Flutter specific issues, like a widget has a is inconsistent look on multiple platforms, then you may select the second topic. Click on Get startet and follow the given instructions. The comments will guide you through the complete process to finalize your bug report.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Describe your issue as clear as possible, you may use code fragments, screenshot or error messages
  2. Attach output from above (version, channel, doctor …)

Click Submit Issue to the Flutter Development Team, now your bug report is available to the community.


Rate existing bugs in order to promote their importance (thumbs up), this will signalize the urgency of the issue to the Flutter Development Team. The same process should be used to promote new features, which you may like to have in your app but does not exist jet.

Follow up

Github’s projects structure provides access to all reported issues and you can track the state of each report.


Please help the Flutter Dev Team to identify bugs in the framework and continue to rate already known issues. This will help to improve the whole framework step by step.

As Filip and Andrew state in the Boring Show: “The issues with the most thumps up will have the more attention to it.” The reactions are used by the Engineering Team to sort the issues by their urgency. Therefore please engage in bug reporting in order to improve the Flutter framework.

I hope this article helps you to file bug reports correctly and promote more community engagement by all Flutter developers.

Happy coding …

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