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Flutter Silicon Valley Meetup #2

Hey Everyone!

The team at Atsign recently hosted Flutter Silicon Valley’s second meetup! Flutter Silicon Valley is an event where the Flutter developer community can get together and share in all things Flutter and Dart.

This second edition of the meetup featured presentations and demos from some outstanding developers, including Atsign’s own Colin Constable and Kevin Nickels.

The event kicked off on Wednesday, May 25th at HanaHaus, a creative workspace housed in a renovated theater from the 1920s, right in the heart of Palo Alto, CA.

We know that Flutter has an incredibly vibrant and global community, and we were thrilled to have an international group in attendance. We had representatives from India, Japan, and the Netherlands. Additionally, members from several prominent companies such as Google, SoFi, VMWare, and Signity(Philips) were present.

Atsign’s Anthony Prakash, our awesome Developer Relations hero, kicked things off, inviting everyone to share a bit about their backgrounds and experience developing with Flutter. Click here to get to know everyone: Click on me!

Our first speaker, Dhrumil Shah, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) recounted his experience Building the India Flutter Community. Check out his story, here: Click on me, too!

Co-founder and CTO of Atsign, Colin Constable, impressed the audience with a stellar demo of his Ham Radio app, CATWEB, and the Internet of Things. To see more about IoT and Flutter, take a look at the full demo, here: Click, please!

After a short break, we were joined by Matt Carroll of SuperDeclarative! and Flutter Bounty Hunters. Never one to shy away from an eye-catching outfit–this time in bright, super declarative yellow–Matt continued to educate the audience with his presentation on Open Source and Creative Coding. For any Star Wars fans, see if you can spot the Easter Egg in his talk, here: May the “Click” be with you…

Wrapping up the day, Atsign’s Co-founder and CPO, Kevin Nickels, showcased our latest end-to-end encrypted file transfer app, AtmospherePro. To learn more about data privacy and End-to-End Encrypted File Transfer in Flutter and Dart, absolutely take a look at Kevin’s talk, here: Final Click!

We are so thankful to our Flutter community members. These events would not be possible without all of you talented developers and Flutter and Dart enthusiasts! Stay tuned for news regarding our next Flutter Silicon Valley meetup. We hope to see you there!


The Atsign Team



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